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Hi, I 'm Deedra

I am a woman, a mother, a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki practitioner,  a Paramedic and all around lover of learning, nature, self sufficiency and finding balance between the modern and holistic worlds. l have a deep passion to encourage others to live a more toxin less lifestyle through doTERRA essential oils and natural products. My passions are hormone health in relation to health periods and fertility as well as reducing our toxin load by creating awareness of what we eat, think and breathe. My reiki practice out of my home focuses on reducing the physical affects of mental stress through mindfulness, working with energy and sometimes having to call you out on your toxic ways. 

Check out my blog for all things natural health, holistic living and hormone information. Plus some other random topics that might curb your interest! Check out the navigation bar to learn more about me and the services I offer. 


Drink Tea With Dee Blog


Check out my blog for all things natural, holistic and hormone health.


Holistic Health Education

Free, virtual classes from everything on gut health, immune system support, mindful meditation and more holistic health topics and tips!
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