I am Deedra Helenna, lover of all things energy, healing and vibrancy.

Welcome, I am so glad you are here. I hope this means that you are interested in restoring balance to the energy centres of your body and unlocking your subconscious potential or maybe you are just looking for a little divine guidance. Regardless why you are here I am glad you found my page!

As a Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Practitioner and energy worker it is my passion to encourage a mind-body and soul connection by encouraging living as toxin-less as possible, supporting our hormone metabolism and encourage healing in the body through nutritional, herbal, energetic and more holistic ways. So that one day be able to go through life with the tools and understanding we need to live vibrantly.
Take a look at my services and products and go towards what one you feel would best guide you.If you have any questions never hesitate to send me a email.

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Hormone Health 

Fertility, weight, energy and working towards a pain free period.

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Holistic health, nutrition, breaking up with society and much more.



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Holistic Nutrtional

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Drink Your Fuckin' Tea Oracle Card Deck

Get over your damn self with this beautiful 76 card oracle deck. Currently out of stock but get in on pre-sale to get the newest version with some different cards and edits 

To sit and drink your fuckin' tea means to sit in the uncomfortable, to own it, to be mindful of lifes blessings and curses and  use them both to your advantage. 
The universe never lies, It guides, it tries to send you messages. Well these cards are made with loud and clear messages with a little vulgarity.