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My Life

Do not worry this will not take long. I am not the most interesting person. Born in Hamilton, Ontario and raised in rual community of Haldimand/ Norfolk county with my parents and two younger siblings and lots of pets over the years, even a rooster. 

Simple kid being raised in the country with ample yard, camping, boating, sports and MSN was my life with dial up so after 830 pm of course. 

I always wanted to be a paramedic since highschool. I mean when I was 10 I envisioned being a run way fashion designer then quickly realized that was too hard and competitive so you know I choose a career that was  hard, competitive, shift work and messy and chaotic instead.

I graduated from the Primary Care Paramedic program at Fanshawe college in 2012 and I've since continued working as a Paramedic with my local community since 2013 and do not intend to leave that job any time soon...

So why this? Why my holistic business? well....

I've always been passionate about fitness, health and more natural living since I was a young kid ( see blog post below). "Natural" remedies have always interested me on a personal leve but I just didn't know how to approach it. I've experienced health concerns over the years that were somewhat manageable by allopathic medicine ( or so I thought till I had my awakening). Then 6 months went by in 2018 where I had every test the doctor knew to give me yet I was living in pain, discomfort and fear and they had no answers for me except for prescriptions that didn't even touch my symptoms. Working in medical field for many years now it's no opinion but an observation that we have a growing sick and unhealthy population that has minimal education on their OWN HEALTH and body and lack of responsibility to take care of themselves with faith in a system that is missing the big picture. So, I educated myself and well I fell down a rabbit hole. Read below the story how I fell and where I landed below! 


About Deedra Helenna

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Passionate about mindfulness, healing and maintaining balance within our mind, body and souls.

Hi and welcome, I am Deedra! A 30 something year old energy and nutrition loving mom to a sassy, strong-willed and inspiring daughter, a working Paramedic within my community, a certified Holistic Nutritionist and Reiki Practitioner with more training, certificates and modalities to come. I am a little education and learning  obsessed but also like to swear a little, okay somewhat, okay well a lot. 

It might stem from my type A, scorpio moon sign, ENFJ personality. 
I love to help and see people hit their level of thriving in life so and I am so glad you are here and hope I can be your nutrition and energy coach to help encourage a life and body that flourishes.


How I Fell Down the Rabbit Hole.

and landed into a deranged concept that the mind, body and soul are connected leading to either  dis-ease or health and your healing, hormones affect everything, inflammation is the cause and affect of all-cause illnesses and if your gut is unhealthy your mind will be to! 

Certifications / Diploma / Trainings  

Upcoming certifications & Training 

Pre-health Science Certificate

Georgian College

Personal Support Worker Certificate 

Mohawk College

Primary Care Paramedic Diploma

Fanshawe College 

Certified Holistic Nutritionist 


Reiki Level II Practitioner 

Crystal Healing Certificate & Training

Centre of Excellence 

Mindful Meditation & Teaching Courses 

Centre of Excellence

  Herbal Medicine Educator

Herbal Medicine for Women's Health by Aviva Romm

Feminine & Masculine Energy Training


Plant-based Nutrition Specialist



herbal medicine for womens health

" Educations purpose is to replace a empty mind with an open one".

- Malcome Forbes

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