The suppression and lack of education and silencing of feminine health is nothing new but rarely talked about. Well that is why I am be the voice of the millions of suppressed when it comes to having proper access to testing, treatments and knowledge of feminine health. 

There is no denying we are complex beings with a hormonal cycle of approximately 28 days on average. It gives a lot of room for imbalance and illness to occur to disrupt the whole system causing a cascade effect of hormonal, endocrine, mental health and infertility concerns. 

I work with womxn one-on-one and together will tackle in reducing their discomfort and learn to love having a period by understanding it's power. 

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I am here to support you

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Join my Free Fiercely She community where we talk periods, fertility, sex and hormonal health for the feminine who bleed.

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Work with me one-on-one if you have concerns in relation to your feminine cycle and fertility. I am here for you to listen, to support and to guide you to harnessing your feminine powers through ensuring you understand them yourself so you can better to continue to support and live within those cycles not against.

Check our Aviva Romms Course : Herbal Medicine for Womens health where I am currently enrolled to improve my knowledge of women's health and how to holistically support women in all the phases and cycles of life. 


Join in on our 8 week journey of feminine self discovery!

and learn the innate workings of your feminine health and say good riddance to uncomfortable and painful cycles.

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