What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

Understanding that what we think, how we think and what we expose ourselves to is connected to our overall health status.

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IStruggle with your over-all health? yo-yo dieting ? feeling tired all the time ? But yet no diet, supplement or meal-plan seems to help nor be sustainable?No doctor can give you a name to your dis-ease?

That is where a Holistic Nutritionist comes into play. As a Holistic Nutritionist I understand and validate that there is a strong connection in regards to your environment, financial state, social status and cultural conditioning to your overall mental and physical well-being. 

I take this into consideration when setting up a protocol with nutritional and lifestyle recommendations knowing it takes looking at the big picture, but don't stress I am here to be your guide for ultimate healing so that you may thrive in live no matter what is thrown at you!

Remove  Repair  Rejuvenate

Dis-ease is commonly caused by an abundance of small exposures leading to a imbalance of another.  Identifying the trigger to the possible imbalance is the key to understanding how to  begin healing. This can be a physically toxic habit or something you are environmentally exposed to, or a learned behaviour that puts you at risk. Whatever it is I am prepared to work with you to help identify it and bring it to life so it no longer has power over you. 

The next step is then repairing any damage done though specific nutritional support, life style changes and possible supplementation. We then focus on rejuvenating our mind and soul to create a life of mindfulness and awareness to continue to live and balance in our best mental and physical state we can obtain. 


What a Holistic Nutritonist is not....


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Here we go in-depth in talking about your  health concerns, your road blocks,  and your readiness for change and set up a personalized wellness plan with nutritional, lifestyle and supplemental support and suggestions.

Then once we have decided on a plan of action we can get you set up on my online client portal with Practice Better! 

It is an amazing platform where you will have access to downloadable app and personal login where you will access my nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, a food and mood tracking journal, free printables and daily access and coaching from me. 

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