10 Ways to Battle the Fake, Fast and Toxic World.

I'm not one for cliché blogs but here I am writing about the 10 ways you can support your health (mind/ body and soul) everyday in a world that is constantly trying to throw it out of balance.

By: Deedra Helenna

Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner


Yesterday I blogged about root cause healing - uncovering the real reason why your body is being shifted out of balance. You can read it here. Today I thought I would carry that theme and discuss some important ways to support your health everyday regardless of the root cause. These tips are important to consider especially if you live in a toxic, fake and fast environment.

We have become so entirely fake that herbs, vitamins, minerals, supplements, food and other health practices outside of the western culture ideation of societal norms has been labeled "alternative", "holistic", "organic", and "natural". This disconnection from cultivating our own food, living by the sun and moon light and mass production of all foods and goods is making us toxic mentally, physically and spiritually blocking us from our innate human biological factors leading to a life of lack of purpose and luster and into a life of dis-ease and misery.

The more we get away from nature, the sicker we become. When I think of this and I think about the relationships this life style has ruined, the human connections, the health concerns and stress that affects millions everyday my own heart hurts. So that is why I speak out, that is why I use my platform to educate how we can get back to being connected, healthy and live in connection with ourselves and the divine.

Here are my top 10 ways to support your mind-body health in a world that is constantly trying to divide it.

  1. Remove the fake shit

  2. Practice mindfulness

  3. Read a fucking book

  4. Get your hands dirty

  5. Support your detox potential

  6. Drink filtered water

  7. Remember to Move : Remember to Rest

  8. Drink more tea

  9. Seek only things that bring you pleasure

  10. Get the outside

Remove the fake shit

  • Plant your own gardens, freeze your own fruit and veggies, preserve your food, buy in season from local farmers

  • Stop ordering everything off amazon. You don't need it. Stop filling your home with objects to full-fill a void in your life. You don't need it

  • Stop useless conversation. Start having more SOUL awakening conversations with like-minded humans.

  • Open your windows and reduce exposure to fake lighting, use candles, salt lamps and other means as a source for light. Stop starring at a screen prior to bed time.

Practice mindfulness

  • STOP trying to do it all at once. SIT THE FUCK DOWN and chew your food!

  • Make family dinners mandatory

  • Focus on one task at a time

  • Remember to BREATHE

Read a fucking book

  • Stop using Google, stop asking Pinterest. If you are interested in something sit and read a book about it all and become a expert on it.

Get your hands dirty

  • Work on projects that require your attention, build something from scratch.

  • Get in the gardens, climb in the trees. Get away from the hand sanitizer and ground yourself more with Mumma Earth.

Support your detox potential

  • Everything in todays world is toxic from the food we eat, to the clothes we wear to the homes we live in so limit it as best as you can ( OH new blog idea- stayed tuned) but ensure that your drainage pathways are open.

  • Dry Brush

  • Lymph massages

  • Plenty of fiber

  • Vegetable and fruit juicing

  • Saunas

  • Infrared light

  • Get sweaty

  • Build muscle

Drink filtered water

  • Toxic tap water has been linked to parasitic infections, heavy metal toxins and endocrine system disruptions

  • Eliminate plastic water bottles

  • Invest in a home filter uv or carbon filter system - yes even for your shower!

Remember to move: Remember to rest

  • Muscle is health, but a healthy amount of muscle. Theres a point in fitness where inflammation in an inactive person and inflammation in an over active person are the same toxic levels. Make sure you are moving but not moving in a way to keep your body in a constant state of stress.

  • Rest is important for healing, this includes sleep. When we sleep we heal.

Drink Tea

  • Sitting down with a good cup of tea can solve all of lives problems, really tell me a time that it couldn't? Tea nourishes the body, mind and soul. So just sit down and drink your fuckin' tea.

P.s Pre-order for my Drink your fucking tea oracle deck is still on! Shipping out next week ( fingers crossed!)

Seek pleasure

  • Seek pleasure in everything you do and believe in, only do things that you bring you joy, passion and orgasms

Get outside

  • With everything being so fake and toxic from the lights we use, to the homes we live in filled with mold it is VITAL that you get outside everyday to get your vitamin D therapy an reconnect to the rhythm of the sun, moon and seasons. After all we are mammals.

Theses are just some of the ways I practice living as natural as I can in a world were natural is taboo. I mean I love a good bowl of popcorn and some Netflix but I ensure that my body, mind and soul are supported in ways they can stay connected to their natural and innate functions for optimal health.

Sending love and natural light,

Deedra Helenna



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