Anxiety or Not to Anxiety that is the question?

Ever wonder why your anxious? Is it justifiable or are you just crazy? As a anxiety warrior and holistic practitioner I have some ways to help you work this out.

by: Deedra Helenna

Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner


Recently I have been on a quest to limit negativity in my life, stuff I know that doesn't serve me, that triggers a response in me. I talked earlier this week in a blog about avoiding things that drain your energy for a start like toxic media, people and exposing yourself to world traumas.

It was working great, the boundaries I put in place were helping me, people around me said I seemed more clear headed and calm. Then something changed this week, somehow I have been triggered. It MAJORLY sucks, but I know this won't be for forever. I am thankful I have the knowledge and support to work through this.

So what's changed? No fucking clue. THERE IS A LOT it could be ad it could be all of it! Sometimes that is how anxiety works her dark magic. She creeps up behind you, stays in your shadow until one day she becomes your shadow, a part of you. But I have a system no how I make it through these times I would love to share with you.

Your emotions don't make you, they tell you who you should be

You know what the newest thing I have learned about energy work and healing, balancing your emotions, fears and anxieties? That it is healthy to WORK THROUGH your emotions, through your perceived traumas of life.

I've been on a documentary kick the last few weeks about energy and healing and positivity. EVERY SINGLE ONE mentions that "dis-ease" is most commonly triggered by suppressed emotions and energy ( See bottom of blog for list of some AMAZING health and energy work documentaries). As much as I feel skeptic still during my energy work practices such as reiki and chakra balancing I so strongly believe there is direct correlation between your life experiences and your "dis-ease" or "dis-comforts". Often during a Reiki session I will pick up on troubled areas of energy and after the session get talking to the client and they will tell me there personal struggle and sometimes their health struggles and 100% of the time there is a direct connection to all three of my findings, their emotions and their pain. It is mind blowing!

So what does this mean?

Even though anxiety is dark, she is trying to show you the darkness of your ways so you can acknowledge it , validate it and then thank it for the lesson or reminder and set it free.

So that is what I have been doing, I have been sitting in the discomfort of my anxieties and my fears and validating them, journaling them and then meditating and releasing them through my breathe, recycling the energy to the earth or visually in my mind cutting that cord connection to that ideation. Here is what I can tell you, IT SUCKS. It is so hard in a society that see fear and anxiety of a weakness to sit and feel it. It hurts a lot. It hurts to think about it, to write down whats in my head and onto paper. But acknowledging that fear, that anxiety allows you to take your power back over it, no matter how silly you feel.

But acknowledging that fear, that anxiety allows you to take your power back over it!

So what I do when I am feeling strong anxiety. I STOP moving. I breathe, I put the computer down, the phone, the work and I go outside to ponder.

Why am I feeling like this?

What could have triggered this response?

How am I feeling physically?

Have I been getting quality sleep?

Where am I in my feminine cycle? { THIS IS A BIG ONE}

How have I been eating? Drinking?

Have I made time to find joy? to nourish my soul?

Usually when my anxiety is bad the answer to most of those questions is NO. No I am not sleeping, No I am not eating or drinking well or getting outside enough. But YES YES I am in my luteal or menstrual phase.

Yes, anxiety can be more physical cause than mental!

There are thousands of research documents, books and scientist and functional and holistic physician and practitioners that will say there is a DIRECT correlation of your physical health to your mental health and they are right for MANY reasons; maybe I will blog about the body-mind connection another day, it is a lot to take in! Some things to know ....

  • Your gut health is directly linked with your hormone and metal health

  • Stealth infections and pathogens such as mold, parasites and candida can be cause for anxiety and imbalances

  • Hormone imbalances such as PMS, PMDD, hypothyroid and adrenal insufficiency are strongly linked to causing depression and anxiety and are commonly mis-treated.

  • Alcohol, prescription drugs and caffeine are also strongly linked to clinical anxiety and depression.

I have linked my "general" resources for the above at the bottom of the page to some of the books and practitioners that promote strong physical and positivity for mental health.

There are two types of clients I see when it comes to shifting mental and physical health. Some need to shift the physical first with routine to see the mental and some need to shift the mental before the physical.

Which one are you? That will help you find what is the most appropriate course of action to take in healing your mind-body and soul.

Now I wasn't going to mention it because well I am so fucking sick of taking about it but its a MAJOR elephant in the room . Lets talk about the 2020-2021 year. WHAT a shit show, with so much fear, so many emotions, so many losses its hard to focus on the wins. Let's be clear... YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE STRONG to make it through this but you do have to make it through this. SO JUST BE FUCKING KIND TO YOURSELF. Here are some ways that I have found have been most helpful in dealing with the current times...

  • TURN OFF THE FUCKING TV, seriously stop and pick up a book

  • Stop talking about it. I understand its impacted everyones lives at different levels and I never want to disrespect that and the lives lost. But seriously, change the subject.

  • Clean you your social media: Unfollow people or pages that trigger you, clean up your followers to to only people who matter to you or just delete it all.

  • Limit screen time. Did you know on apple you can put in a limit for how much time you spend on an app? I don't know if you can do that with androids but if you can comment below how!

  • Change your mindset to I'm stuck to what can I be doing to better myself, my home and my family at this time.

  • MOVE YOUR BODY and get outside ( safely of course). The warm weather is coming unless you live in Ontario today we have 5cm of snow but I am sure by Friday we will be in double digits again. So do a workout outside in your driveway, or in your back yard. Meditate, journal or read in the sunlight, on the grass, touching Mumma Earth. Take in the fresh air.

  • Breathe. Bring in white light, exhale your pain and your fears.

Lets be real I don't want to go back to normal. Normal sucked. I want to slow down, I want true human connections and SMILES. I miss smiles! So what is all this telling you? What maybe about pre-2020 life could you have changed? Was it serving you? How can this life serve you and bring you positive change?

With every challenge comes change. Make sure that challenge was worth the change.

I have struggled with anxieties since the age of 5 which has led me to be a closed off and disconnected person and has ruined a lot of relationships in my life. This year has taught me to release my suppressed fear of what people think and so far its bringing more people new and old that bring light into my life. I am being honest with myself in who I truly am and getting rid of the ideals that I need to be silent to please other people.

A lot of my anxieties are due to physical health and not speaking my truths and not being honest with myself. I know this because I have finally sat down to do the dirty work. Whats great about the dirty work is it messy but it gives you an understanding of your internal nature so that you can better adapt or change. Some days require one or the other and its constantly and up and down battle. Today is better than yesterday but who knows what tomorrows bring but at least I know who I am deeply rooted and I just need to stand in my truth, the discomfort and ground myself and the light will always prevail.

You've got this.

sending love and light

Deedra Helenna


  • The Mind Body Cure : Bal Pawa

  • Anything by Aviva Romm: Her book Adrenal Thyroid Revolution and I have ordered her new one she just released last week here!

(I am also enrolled in her course Herbal Medicince for Womens Health)

  • Any Book by Patrick Holford: The optimum nutrition Bible & optimum nutrition for the mind

Those will be a good start :)

Ive got DOZENS more. if you are interested.

Documentaries I recently have watched and LOVED! :

HEAL documentary seen on Amazon Prime Video

Superhuman : The invisible made visible

The Mind, Explained

The Social Dilemma

Down to Earth

Life Off Grid

E-Motion 2.0

Disclaimer: This is not medial advice but recommendations from my lifestyle, experience and within my scope of practise as a certified Holistic Nutritionist. Please always seek medical professional attention for severe illness or injury.