How birth-control* can alter the destiny of your happily ever after

Hormonal birth control* suppresses our fertility hormones, which also control your pheromones for attraction which may lead you astray to finding your one true love, or have your one true love not as attracted to you as they could be.

by Deedra Helenna

Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner


When women ovulate their estrogen and testosterone peak, their libido increases, their vaginal secretions become more, their skin clears, their face physically becomes more symmetrical and they release pheromones that can signal a mating call out to the opposite sex subconsciously making them aware of your fertility. So not only does ovulation make you feel and appear more attractive and increase your confidence it literally can make you smell naturally more attractive and to opposite sex. Fertility is a driving force in libido whether they know it or not. For examples, studies have shown that ovulating exotic dancers can earn up to 3 times more in tips than those not ovulating and in another phase of their cycle or on hormonal birth-control.

Fertility is a driving force in libido

So let's talk about birth-control for a moment and I will keep this short. I could talk about birth control all day for many different reasons. But for the sake of this blog lets talk about how it alters your pheromones

(p.s this is not a bash against birth-control just awareness). Hormonal birth-control suppresses the hormones that make you ovulate. You don't ovulate you don't get pregnant . What some of the most popular brands do is raise your progesterone (pregnancy) hormone so that a spike in estrogen and release of an egg does not occur. No egg released, no chance of sperm reaching an egg to fertilize ending pregnancy and well end in birthing ( birth-control which is a weird name when you think about it, its fertility-control). Long story short your body thinks it's pregnant. Think what this could mean to the opposite sex on a subconscious, hormonal, genetic coding, pheromone level? - you are sexually unavailable.

As much as we as humans with expression and decision making thought processes believe we are better or higher power than mammals. Think again, we are just like mammals and are really too caught up with out outer-brain to listen to our innate reptilian brain which regulates all the important things - like our body functions that we live in. We really at the core of our brain are just horny mammals looking for a suitable mate to procreate with but thanks to modern toxic living that suppresses our hormones and ignores natures calls we are mating with the wrong people - genetically and chemically speaking.

Ever just been turned off by someone and can't understand why? That is your body protecting you, also stops us with mating with genetically similar people, such as genetically related ( family) . Well it can't protect you if you have unplugged the smoke detector. Could this possibly contribute to the rise in unhealthy children and pregnancy complications ? I will talk about that topic another day. Short answer - yes. So before you say yes to a lifelong commitment maybe first check that off hormonal birth control you still enjoy your partner ( not medical advice). But seriously if you don't enjoy the natural scent of their underarms that might be a sign that you are not genetically and hormonally compatible. Compatibility actually has to do with how opposite your major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes are ( google it, haha) !

Now one thing to also be aware of is that a lot of time when women have healthy ovulation and fertility we are also physically more attracted to the men that have higher testosterone ( I mentioned in my last blog). Scientifically speaking these men look strong and are and have healthier sperm but mentally too high of testosterone driven men are more likely to astray from a monogamous relationship. Thats why ladies during ovulation you might find yourself getting hot and heavy for the dopey jocks than your loyal, loving, soft and cuddly partner. Remember my last blog that monogamy is a rule, not a natural instinct even for humans. So the more we are aware of these natural urges and honour the more we can stick to our beliefs and maybe not act on them and stay committed to a healthy and happy monogamous relationship.

This can be all confusing and overwhelming but I believe it is about finding the balance within yourself, your hormones and your health to make yourself genetically healthy and happy. To connect to nature and your wildly innate hormonal abilities ( no i'm not saying to go spreading your seed men). I am encouraging you to be more aware of it. The more aware we are of our bodies and their magic the more we can use it to our advantage to create a life of balance and good healthy decisions. We can live in happiness and joy because we are making our decisions in life to the best of our abilities and not acting out on innate urges that we don't understand that can cause harm to the life we desire. It's all about awareness and balance. Listen to your body, stop suppressing it's power - that's when you get in trouble.

Love & Light

Deedra Helenna

If your interested in learning more check out what histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes are and google the sweaty t-shirt experiments. There studies for questioning mens attractions to womens shirts and women attracted to men shirts. Quite fascinating.

This is not medical advice. Just fun facts. Do not destroy your marriage if you met on birthcontrol over this blog haha!

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