Becoming mindful can lead to misery..

Becoming aware is scary, emotional and a up and down battle between being sad for humanity or just wanting to live on a private island.

By: Deedra Helenna

Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner


On my journey to living more a more purposeful, mindful and minimalistic life, I find myself experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. From anger at myself for not doing it sooner, for falling back into the habits so easily some days and not catching it quick enough. To just being sad for humanity and those that are conditioned to just accept this is what is is because the "BIGS" say so. You know who they are....

Growing up I've always known there was more to life and living than I was conditioned to think. Everything from the school system, to the health care system and home dynamic to name a few. It is the way it is suppose to be according to everyone else and that is it right?. You go through life living and following the "SYSTEM to LIVING", I like to call it, just kidding I just came up with that - not bad eh? But are you truly living or just doing as your told like a good boy?

School, work, marry, kids, invest ,die and just don't you dare do something out of context for fear of judgment. Hold in your emotions, don't cry, hold it together and never talk about your feelings because that is just life. Don't worry about your health - big pharma's got you. Judge others who aren't like you even though they are not harming you or anyone else. Go into dept to celebrate holidays cause the more stuff the more love right? Feed children all the foods with the pretty coloured boxes with characters and high fructose corn syrup and red dyes. Give control over your relationship to the government by signing a piece of paper and they'll let you know when you can end that relationship if it doesn't sever you but it will cost you all you've worked for. Fill your home with toxic cleaners for it always has to be spotless. Take tylenol for how dare you miss a day of work because you're uterus is shedding.

My ONLY true belief system is that of the golden rule .

Treat others how you want to be treated.

I don't judge on race, gender, status, ethnicity, religion. I Judge on whether or not you're an asshole. I mean of course I want people to live as open minded and free as possible but I don't force that upon anyone. Who will be in my tribe will want to be here and vise-versa. I pray for humanity to find their purpose and live kindly but I mean I won't hold my breathe. Although I do find being aware of the trauma humans carry and how unaware they are makes interactions with other kind and aware souls that much more meaningful. I have found so much delight in some of my encounters recently. That previous days I wouldn't have put much thought into it.

Becoming mindful is LIBERATING in your own day to day life. I spend less, I feel I am present more and I have released that tension from my chest and shoulders of expectations from others and myself. I admit it is not perfect, it is easy to fall back into the cultural shame of not doing what we are "normally" suppose to do but thats why it is called practicing mindfulness!

Here are some tips to practise mindfulness in your everyday life if you would like. But, I must warn you in the long run it makes you less tolerable of assholes and sad for the asleep.

1. Breathe

I watched a webinar last night hosted by the Moon Daughters and they had this male speaker on to talk about women's cycles, movement and exercise and he said something that I have never heard before. The first movement he always begins with is Breathe. For a breathe was the first movement we took entering earth side. MINDBLOWN.

So when you find yourself caught up in the socially acceptable norm of burning out, of trying to do it all and wondering if what you're doing is okay. STOP and BREATHE life back into your soul and trust your gut and what makes YOU happy.

2. Meditate

I don't want to hear you can't or you don't know how or you don't have time. If this is you reading this then you should be the one mediating for an hour a day not 15 mins.

Just sit, close your eyes and breathe out the tension and take a full breathe expanding the chest. sit like this even when you feel antsy breathe through it.

p.S I am opening up virtual services for one hour mindfulness coaching sessions as well as starting in May I will be running virtual zoom meditation groups "circles"! Make sure you sign up for my newsletter here for the release dates to book for the above services.

3. One task at a time

That is just it. Be minimalist in your daily routine. When your in the shower only focus on the actual shower, when you are brushing your hair focus on your thoughts on the task, not what you need to do nect, not what someone said to you 6 weeks ago and not what you're going to write in the email to you boss. JUST EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN THAT MOMENT.

See how you feel after that task has been complete.

It is hard but if you try it first thing in the morning I promise you it will set your entire day up for success.


When you find yourself overwhelmed grab a scrap piece of paper and scribble down everything that is going on in your head till you literally can't think anymore. This is not meant as a challenge so don't actually put a lot of thought. Let it just flow out of you. Your to do's, your fears, anxieties, you challenges and your wins! This only needs to take a few minutes. Then get back up and do the first thing that comes to your now clear head.

4. Journal

This may sound silly but wow once that ink gets flowing it just does something to your soul. Write about anything and everything, clear the thoughts and emotions that are blocking you from your true potential.

5. Protect your energy

Bring your energy bubble in closer so it doesn't become tainted. Say no more, as for help more, stop draining yourself for others when your're not satisfying your own soul. This leads to dis-ease and living in chaos in the mind. When we protect our energy we are saying to ourselves that we love our own selves enough to let go of the idea of giving to others before we even give to ourself and that right there opens the portal to being aware of ourselves, our actions, our emotions or are lack there of actions and emotions. It allows us to take the time to do the inner work first.

Beware you might "lose" people or things in your life during this process but that is because they were apart of the lesson they were never meant to make it to the end of the book with you. But the people and the power you will gain on this adventure of awareness will be the ones that stay till the very end.

To be mindful is to be aware of our own shit, to acknowledge our challenges to prepare for growth which might end is loss in order to gain. Enough go with the flow, that never gets anyone anywhere but "normalcy". But hey if thats all you want who am I do judge.

Sending love and light,

Deedra Helenna

Holistic Nutritionist

Reiki Practitioner

offering mindfulness meditation, Reiki and feminine health coaching

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