Call me what you want...

I no longer am sad for me, I am sad for those who have closed eyes and culturally conditioned hearts.

by: Deedra Helenna Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner


I am currently reading Energy Vampires by Christiane Northrup, A physician, an Ob, a voice for womxn, filled with fiery passion, knowledge and a human I highly look up to. In her hearts of heart she's never "fit" in, she is proud to be a warrior and open minded and broken of the conditioning happening in todays society. That is how I at least see her. You can see what she is all about more here. I am actually going between two of her books but this one is really resonating with me the most right now. I've been struggling with the energy of the world right now, it makes my heart hurt. I am sad for people, for humanity for so many reasons that I might not ever be able to put into words. We have the most resources at the swipe of a screen yet we are becoming a closed minded society, divided and not afraid to dismiss anyone who may think differently. She talks about people who drain your energy without either of you knowing it, mostly people in your home, work and relationship life but with social media, media and the world wide web I feel like we expose ourselves to a much higher level of energy vampiers than we have ever seen before. At the click of an app we can scroll or swipe through dozens of other peoples traumas and lives in a millisecond of time. We take on so much of so many others energies and its draining me, I think it is draining most of us and turning us all into drained energy zombies with no hearts or brains left for passion or love.

I currently am taking a "break" from social media and my holistic business for many reasons. My business only gets business through social media at this time and the current situation on there is ugly. I try so hard to find the good but all I am seeing is division. I am so disgusted with the key board bullies, the self-entitlement, seeing death threats between complete strangers. We aren't humans we are cages monkeys in front of a screen.

That is why I have taken to blogging and working mainly through email and more organic ways of business.Make sure you subscribe to get this weeks newsletter!

I personally have only had positive interactions on my business social media pages and am so thankful for that BUT what my business pages do do is open up conversations for people I know in person to dismiss me, to make fun of my business and my lifestyle as if it is harming or bothering them cause its considered alternative.

I don't talk a lot in person to people, family or even friends about the spiritual and holistic side of my life unless they ask. I don't push it, I stay clear of making comments to those I know it wouldn't matter to anyways. I will provide guidance to those seeking it but rarely ever give it without first being asked. I may just say something to make conversation but if others aren't living or believe or say and think the way I do - guess what? I don't fucking care. If you are an asshole I will just pray you find your healing. But it seems those that are open minded, who question the cultural and societal norms and break free of the mindless societal way of thinking easily become the butt of many jokes.

I work in a allopathic medical system have for almost 10 years. I practise modern medicine everyday at my main job and I do love my job but there is no denying that the system is flawed. It can and does perform miracles everyday that are incredible and I have been a part and witnessed many but there is something to be said that there is more than one way and there is a big picture missing. I don't speak for anyone else but this is a conversation that happens almost daily with others who work in or been a customer of the current system. But being exposed to that system and society also comes with a price when you start to question the norm.

So ya it has been a lot the last year, especially trying to dive into a entrepreneurial business that is not the "norm", it goes against most cultural ways of dieting and thinking and living ( cause you know those are doing us so well, but I digress...), that sways on the side of "woo-woo". I truly believe in myself and my message, my MANY trainings and years of education and modalities to aid in helping others as ANOTHER form of healing. It never takes just one, let's remember that. But its hard to be different in a society that is closed and unaccepting. Its scary to be vulnerable.

Wanting to run and offer a holistic business has meant I have to talk about my "woo woo" ways, to open up about my offerings, my programs and my ways of thinking to reach out to the clientele that I hope to engage with. With this I have had to put myself out there and open up a spot for me to be vulnerable, raw and real. To open a side of me I don't talk about. I have received TONS of positive feedback, I have worked with many AMAZING people so far and have been praised on my programs and work. But somedays it is hard to focus on that when you're being called a "fucking hippy". I have received comments like " oh I could never not eat meat", or " did you tell them what pretty rock to buy", I've even been told what I practise is evil. Guiding those to health and enlightenment is evil.....

I try to not compare to others ways of living and one issue does not correlate to match another but this is my most favourite meme ever to depict how I feel and what I experience a lot of the time, it makes me giggle but also sad for the world for this is the most common interactions I have.

Call me a hippy or evil but I know this way of living saved my life and has changed millions of lives around the world and does so everyday and I am honoured to be a part of that change!

Even though my presence on social media is little I am always available for any reiki, energy work , period talk, hippy dippy woo woo shit !

sending love and light,

Deedra Helenna

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