What is Deedra Helenna Divine Healing?

What my holistic business is about, how I got here and what I am opening to offering.

By: Deedra Helenna

Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner


Hey, well I am Deedra and my middle name is Helenna after my late paternal grandmother who I never had the chance of meeting (Vircik doesn't sound as pretty) and this is my holistic business Divine Healing!

To divinely heal is to recognize the connection of the mind-body-soul and give it the recognition and power the system deserves. The mind, body and your spirituality in modern society are often not seen related to each other. Yet, how is is those that have high emotionally and physically stressful lives have a higher incidence of auto-immune disease, hormone imbalances, have the highest rate of ED visits and increased risk of substance abuse?

It is time we take the knowledge of CENTURIES old holistic medicine and the crazy ideation that what we think, feel and expose ourselves can be a cause for dis-ease and we put it into modern day practice. That is exactly what I am about here at Deedra Helenna Divine Healing, to guide you to healing and living more vibrantly! It rarely takes just ONE area of focus, we need to make sure your wellness wheel is balanced.

Below is a list I have compiled of trainings, certificates and courses that I have obtained and or am currently working on to bring you services that cater to you nutritionally and spiritually. I will never stop learning!

Note: I have other schooling, diploma and certificates behind me that give me a strong knowledge of the human body and 10 plus years and counting working in and for the allopathic medical system. Here I will focus only on the holistic side of my life and business that was sort of in a way inspired from the allopathic side ( you can read in my blog How I fell down the rabbit hole )

Trainings / Certificates

1. Advanced Holistic Nutritionist Diploma from Nutraphoria . This is a 2 year 7 course online program that certifies me to work as a Holistic Nutritionist offering nutritional guidance for optimal health!

*Also just finishing up their extra course in becoming specialized in plant-based nutrition.

2. 3.Centre of excellence

Crystal Healing Course

The Divine Feminine Diploma

Divine Masculine Course

Sound Healing Course

Mindful/ Meditation course

Oracle Card Course

3. Reiki Level 2 from the lovely and local Donna Curran . If you're from the area you've heard of this amazing soul or been to her yourself for some energy working magic! I will talk about Reiki more in the blog below.

4. I am currently working on my Herbal Medicine for Womens Health course curated by Aviva Romm ( MD, Herbalist, OB and NP!). This is approx. a 36 month course that provides me with an indepth knowledge of women's health, the gap in healthcare, women' assessment and best herbal remedies for common concerns from puberty all the way through to menopause. I can't wait to bring this knowledge into practise when I am done!

Currently Offered services

Holistic Nutritionist

Nutrition is optimal for health and can be a extremely underminded in todays health care system. The problem is what can you believe? With so many "fads" thoughout the decades and a horribly corrupt Canadian food guide for almost 20 years. It is hard to know who is telling the truth. What I loved about my program with Nutraphoria is the unbiased opinion, we studied a little but of everything and took away what pros and cons we deemed necessary. Let me tell you my way of looking at nutrition. IT IS NOT COMPLICATED! What I took away the most is the holistic side of the program.

ho·lis·tic /hōˈlistik/ Learn to pronounce


  1. PHILOSOPHY characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

  • MEDICINE characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

How we have lost our way when it comes to nutrition and the quality of our food, water and well life overall. Everything these days is fast, fake and cheap. Not to mention how we see a lot of illness as a single system when in fact it took many systems to fail in order to get to that state of dis-ease.

Now what do I do or what can I do with this certificate? Most Nutritionists that I know have a "niche" for lack of a better word because to offer all we can is nearly impossible. Well if you know me it is quite obvious what my "niche" is..... The feminine who bleed! As one myself I speak from experience the struggle of feeling heard in todays allopathic system ( I am not denying this isn't a problem for men). So what better than to help encourage women to honour their cycles, eat appropriate for their hormones to support their hormone metabolism throughout all 4 phases of their cycle.


This 4 week program I designed to cater to the feminine who feel they could live more stress and pain free when it comes to their feminine cycles ( menstrual cycles). I work specifically with those who feel they suffer greatly from pre-menstrual syndrome and pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder. This program can also be adapted to those who choose to use hormonal contraceptive but still want to optimize their health or who would like to come off of their hormonal contraceptive of course approved by a physician if needed for health concerns.

This program is 4 weeks in length and includes...

  • 5 printable or e-book modules we go through week by week to optimize our hormone & spiritual health

  • Online access to my virtual client portal

  • x2 30 minute virtual consults with me to personalize the plan and follow up

  • Access to practise better app where you can log your food, mood and track your cycle virtually

  • Daily coaching from me!

  • Facebook Community access

  • Discounted supplements

  • Discounted hormone home testing kit

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I am always willing to work 0ne-on-one with someone who feels they would benefit from a Holistic Nutritionist. I also enjoy working with those with gut health concerns, food allergies, chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout or just wanting to feel better overall! I do have several protocols already in place for gut healing that aids in reducing food sensitivities, nutritional cleansing ( meaning you can eat on the cleanse) and my favourite protocol for stress resiliency : how to better support your body when it goes through stress.

As a Holistic Nutritionist I may.....

  • Provide nutritional meal plans that coincide with your health concerns to aid in healing and restoring balance

  • Discuss blood work and provide examples of supplements or food to consume to encourage a healthier balance

  • Discuss supplementation in regards to a health concern after a throughout client evaluation

  • Encourage behaviours that encourage health and point our behaviours that lead to poor health

  • Provide personal empowerment

  • Stress management on a mental and physical level

  • Provide lifestyle recommendations and improvements

Never hesitate to contact me via email healing@deedrahelenna.com for any questions or booking until I have my online booking live on my website. SOON, I just need to actually set it up #procrastination.