Do you need to detox?

short answer yes, long answer below.

by: Deedra Helenna

Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner

We have all tried them or know someone that has tried a cleanse or detox program or product of some sort at least once and we struggle through it and then let's be real we are all guilty to going as living before the detox am I right? Well, I mean that really defeats the purpose of it but that is how diet culture has made detoxes appear.

" 6 days to total health" ( but I won't tell you how to maintain that feeling , energy and vitality long term). It's a consumers world the world of cleanses and detoxes.

I've done about a dozen " cleanses" and often try to practise fasting ( for women's hormones this is a totally different game) all for different reasons such as gut healing, estrogen cleaning, parasite cleansing, elimination diets and more over the last 8 years that I have been healing my body from years of birth control and poor gut health and toxic living. I will continue to do them as needed for the rest of my life.

But really what has been a game changer in my healing the past year or so has be understanding the REAL reasons we need to cleanse and why we should be encouraging increasing our detox potential everyday! Not just short term.

What is your detox potential?

Our bodies are AMAZING at protecting us from damage and exposure by eliminating toxins before they can even reach the levels of the cells and mitochondria. Toxins that are ingested, inhaled or absorbed are eliminated through processes in the lungs, lymph, skin, bowels, liver and kidneys only if we fuel them with the proper nutrients and lifestyle support.

We can completely overrun and block these processes from happening with poor life choices so that they can't even provide their basic functions because they are too busy trying to figure out what the fuck you are exposing yourself to. Now, in todays world it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to live toxic free. From the air we breathe, to the soil we use and the couches we sit on everything has synthetic toxins and pollutants that can stress out our system and tissues. This is where increasing your detox potential comes in....

So for long term detox support there is a two step process and if we practise these steps DAILY they may decrease the need to yo-yo diet and attempt extreme cleanses and expensive detoxing products. Again, I am not against cleanses and detoxes as I do practise them myself and can find them very healing but I believe there a proper time and place and method which should always be discussed with a professional that has your best interest in mind.

Step 1 is reduce exposure to stressors and pollutants that you can control such as ....eating poorly, consuming fake food, not breathing properly, living a sedentary life, working in a heavily polluted or toxic business or area, living in a toxic and moldy home, drinking tap or unfiltered water, using toxic cleaners, products and plastics and taking medications and even supplements with fillers that stress our body out more than support it.

So what does that mean? Well do the opposite!

  • Eat whole organic food free of pesticides, GMOs and packaging ( support local or grow your own)

  • Eat for your feminine cycle and hormones

  • Take deep breathes daily. Shallow breathing is linked to acidic environments where cancers thrive!

  • Get your ass up and get sweaty! Workout, walk, have sex, go get a massage

  • Research DIY non-toxic home cleaners ( HELLO PINTEREST). My cleaning cupboard is basically white vinegar, lemon essential oil and baking soda.

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