Fake, Fast & Cheap. The way of the world and it's making us jerks.

Todays world of EVERYTHING being at our finger tips for convenience and profit is also making us humans cheap and unruly.

By:Deedra Helenna

Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner


The way of the modern world is fast, fake, cheap and toxic. Our interactions are electronic, products are made in large quantities not for quality and EVERYTHING we apparently need to know is on the world wide web. I feel this correlation equals causation to the arising numbers of Karens and Kyles in the world. So many are quick to judge others just from seeing some little square with a hashtag, labels are created to put people and things into categories to quickly allow judgement not convenience. Our food is fake, our relationships are cheap and we try to shove our beliefs down others throats because we feel entitled and triggered when they don't.

Here's a life tip. If its fake, fast or cheap .. its probably toxic to your body, your mental health, your relationships and your soul which in turn is making you into a fucking asshole.

This is not painting everyone or everything with the same brush, but a large majority of interactions these days are that when I meet someone good and pure it is something to be remarked and remembered and that is pretty sad. Below I have some tips to ween out the fake shit so we can become more pure and kind.

But first a little story...

Today I woke up to a nasty and judgmental comment on instagram from someone I don't know judging me for one post and painting me into a picture after they put nice comments on several of my other posts probably just for the instagram algorithm and then saw a post that triggered them so they jumped down my throat. I typed of a polite passive aggressive reply but instead I blocked them realizing I don't have time or energy to explain myself when if you actually read the blog and look at my dozens of previous posts about the subject posted before I NEVER have given off the vibe they were accusing me of.....It's not my fault they were triggered, that's their own problem to work through.

Hence why I am constantly taking breaks from social media. I seriously do not have energy or the capacity to educate people who judge, who use labels and who clearly have their own shit to deal with.

I fill my feed with people who lift others up without judgement who truly believe they have a message to relay to man kind, who create products form their home because they have a passion for it not a profit. I know profit is a goal for sure but that is never the first intention.

I actually read more books than I spend hours scrolling, I enroll in courses to better myself and am constantly working on being the bigger and better person. I know I am not perfect and I have some poor habits and demons to shed. We all do but everyday I try to live a life of honestly, mindfulness and non-judgement. Unless you're a complete asshole then I'll talk shit but I know it's because your a product of your life, not a outcome.

Here are some ways you can stay woke and not conformed....

  1. Read

Read everything, read both sides of the story, read things that trigger you without judgement. Read a actually book not a CNN article.

2. Disconnect

Disconnect from the modern world, turn off the news, the tabloids the notifications on your phone, from people who are toxic to you and especially social media.

3. Reconnect

Reconnect your body to the earth, to enjoying the pleasures of the earth like the sunsets and the rainbows as lame as it sounds it really is magical.

4. Stop trying to document everything for proof

Seriously do something kind without having to shove a camera in the persons face, or with one hand.I cant stand everything having to be recorded these days instead of just lived and remembered.

5. Support small

It may be more expensive, slower response and delivery but your self took 9 months in the oven to bake to the deliciousness that you are. Be patient!

6. Engage in deep conversation and make eye contact.

Humans crave connection but todays world of short and quick interaction we are seeing a rise in social anxiety and people who have NO idea how to communicate with other humans. Make eye contact, ask the deep questions truly get to know how someone works without judgment and they will return the favour and it will feel good to have someone that invested in you too.

7. Look for those who have nothing to gain

Look for those that have nothing to gain especially money for speaking out or putting their selves out there. Look for those who are risking it all for their services or products. Look for those who just want to send love, not destroy the other side but instead educate.

Time for love, light and giving the assholes some hugs because they probably need it more, or just block them if your energy just can't today HAHA!

sending love and light,

Deedra Helenna


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