How faith plays into hope & resiliency

The side of my life that I never discuss. How my faith has restored my hope and that hope builds resiliency .

by: Deedra helenna

Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner


I finally feel I have found my community.

I was raised in a home that sent me to a christian Sunday school, my larger family was practising christians and I grew up in the catholic school system. I was surrounded by christianity and yet it never really resonated with me. I never felt power in myself from believing. Now, this is absolutely nothing to do with christianity or any religion. I see all religions as beauty, and to have faith is something I've dreamed of my entire life but just never felt something to be strongly faithful about until a few years ago.

I don't even know what triggered it or what initially lead me down this path of universal spirituality as I like to call it, but I am so glad I have a found my foundation of faith, not Faith in the universe, of the seasons, of the power of Mumma Earth and the power within my own subconscious. I belong to no name or label. I AM, I just AM. That is my faith. A faith so strong about my path in life nothing can stop me and when I have days that question that faith I can return home- home is me, me is knowing I can do all hard things, I have made it this far and I am here for a greater good. I have complete faith in myself and how the universe is guiding me. I am open and receptive to see the divine plan.

I AM, I just AM.

This involves a combination of a lot of divine universal work, trusting, putting myself out there, reiki, chakra balancing, nutritional support, mindfulness, meditation and living in the seasons and the phases of the moon.

I fell in love with energy, with trusting the subconscious so much that I have now received multiple different modalities including Reiki, chakra balancing, sound and crystal healing and many more to bring to others seeking the same healing and connections and similar faith in themselves. I know I am here to guide and service others to encourage them into a state of healing. I know this because this work comes too easy to me to not be my calling. I know this because I have faith in that I AM.

Reiki and mindfulness keeps me grounded and connected to myself to encourage belief in myself and my lifes path. I can stay open and receptive and adaptive to the messages and guides the universe is sending. These are not faith or religion based practises but they encourage balance within my self so I can keep my faith in myself strong.

What is Reiki ?

It is NOT a religion and holds no label to one. I have worked with many people of different religions, cultures and belief systems when it comes to Reiki. Reiki is understanding that everything we see, touch, think and feel is energy and that energy can block and build up and hold us back from our true potentials mentally, physically and spiritually.

Reiki encourages movement of universal energy through the body through hand placements of the practitioner. No it is not the practitioners energy. The practitioner works through intuition and knowing. What I feel, see , think and smell during a session I go with and you know what like 98% of the time I have been pretty on point that even the skeptic in me can't deny that there is more to the subconscious and divine than perceived.

Even just typing this I'm like oh Deedra people are going to call you a wacko. SO FUCKING BE IT is my new motto. But you know what? What harm am I causing encouraging others to work through their emotions, their traumas, encouraging mindfulness so daily tasks and decisions come with ease ? Regardless people will come. They book their sessions and they come back - which to me is mind blowing cause like wow I actually am helping people enough that they come back! I guess I know what I am doing even if sometimes I play the skeptic.

But my faith in myself and the process and my connection to innate principles of universal energy keeps me strong so I can continue on my life’s mission and soul work no matter what life throws me. I have faith.

sending love & light,

Deedra Helenna

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