Is your anger leading you to a life of liver disease?

We are told from a young age to keep our emotions at bay for fear of not being like the status quo. Its not making us fit in it is making us sick.

by: Deedra Vircik

Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner


What emotion have you been suppressing ? What trauma are you not dealing it? Have you stopped trying to feel all together? GUILTY !

What you are trying not to feel and not deal with is being proven to energetically affect specific organs and energy fields of the body. Some call it mapping emotions or mind-body connections. It is also studied in Ancient Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Body talk and many other holistic and ancient medical practices.

Anger can result in liver issues, lack of or trying to belong can be cause for concern with our colon health or related to hip pain, extreme sadness can lead to lung issues, fear can lead to lack of sexual arousal and sexual dysfunction and adrenal burnout.

Now you might think whoa Deedra that is pretty woo-woo even for you. But wait...think about this.....

Those that suffer from anger are likely to mask it or resort to a depressant such as alcohol which stresses the liver, those who have issues with guilt or shame are likely to have a diet high in sugars and simple carbohydrates which stresses out the pancreas and gallbladder. Those with depression or sadness carry themselves in a way that they forget to take a deep breathe and appreciate the sunsets which can lead to a build of up toxins in the lungs and blood. Those who constantly feel unheard can lead to hyperthyroidism because they are in a constant state of their sympathetic nervous system being turned on to please everyone keeping it in overdrive.

Now does this make sense? Everything is connected and everything has energy and negative energy. WE ARE ENERGY and energy can never be destroyed good or bad and the will find the weakest spot in a person and make it's place.

I've seen it before in my Reiki practice and even with myself.

I had a gentleman come to me once because he is constantly told he needs to relax. I start the session and instantly my jaw is clenched and my shoulders are at my ears, the tension in his body is affecting mine. We get to talking and he tells me that he was in a bad car crash 10 plus years ago and since then can not seem to let go of the physical tension and pain and since that car crash his life has not been easy. Well there it is.... Even though his physical injury healed years ago the emotional pain never left, this man is constantly on edge on what bad is going to happen next and it all builds up in his neck and shoulder and no physio or massage will ever let that tension fully resolve... he has to.

I had another women come in for an hour session and she had never heard of Reiki before but she was on a new journey of self love and healing. After our session I asked if she has had concerns with her lungs? She then told me 5 years prior she had a benign tumor removed from her lung. This women also told me she left her husband years ago and had never dated since due to the fact that that man destroyed her and her trust in ever giving herself to anyone again. You could see the loneliness in her as she talked and especially how she carried herself, hunched over, baggy clothes and head down, her chest even was almost con-caved. We talked about vulnerability and how she is smarter now and more awake than she was 20 years ago and suprisingly she left optimistic, no scared. The next session she came back and I instantly knew something had changed her whole body language was different so I said it. You met someone didn't you? ( p.s happiness is not dependant on another person but she first made herself happy before putting her self out there to meet someone). She told me she decided to put herself out there and she met someone and was so excited to show me pictures and told me she was taking it at HER pace and he is perfectly okay with supporting her with that decision. You could almost see her taking bigger breaths. Finally, she choose to come out of her protective shell and breathe into her lungs life!

I've seen women come in with obvious relationship issues and hypothyroid concerns, I myself have dealt with terrible gallbladder attacks when I was not living my best life. I have seen women with infertility who never have dealt with their inner child traumas. I myself have also dealt with chronic head, neck and jaw pain for 10 plus years from an injury and that is where I now hold ANYTHING negative that comes into my life and often have to meditate to release it. My body will tell me when I'm not being aware - trust me. When you start to listen and connect you just KNOW. The pain, the discomfort, the brain fog.. OKAY, I got it body I've fallen into my old ways of suppressing again, time to take some time for me!

What a coo-coo idea eh? That what we feel, what we experience could be the cause for our disease. Now as a medical professional lets be real here. I am not telling you to meditate away your illness or pain. Go see a physician. What I am telling you that healing is a complex being and needs a little love and care from all angles physically and mentally!

I didn't just release my anger and shame to heal my gallbladder I also took supplements and changed my diet. But wow, was the emotional releasing part an awakening for how I was living and holding onto everything bad and not dealing with it.

Healing is never just one pill. It takes a combination of opening up to let the darkness in to let it pass through, honouring it for the lessons it gave you, getting your ass outside in some fresh air and eating some damn vegetables.

sending love and light ,

Deedra Helenna

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