Let’s be preventative not reactive

Lets talk about why we are so sick and what we can do about it before it is to late. How to actually treat the symptoms and support your body in times of health and in times of illness. Don’t get caught with your pants down.

By: Deedra Helenna

Holistic Nutritionist and Reiki Practitioner


I've worked in reactive medicine for 10 years now and over the course of the last 10 years it has become clear that the system we call "healthcare" is not correlated to health at all, but to sickness, injury and illness. We have all dedicated We wait till it’s too late we are reactive and focus on secondary insult not primary prevention. Where is the education on physical fitness, diet and true immune support especially in the last two years? Why is there no talk about what to do when you’re symptoms start to get on top of them before they get to a point of needing emergency medicine? Lets be honest the systems never truly restore or promote health but just apply bandaids so that we think we are now healthy. Do not get me wrong I think the allopathic medical care system can and does perform miracles everyday but there is no denying in saying it has now gone too far, and humans have become too dependant on a system that only profits off their continuing illness.

So lets just get down to it. Why are we all so sick ? Young and old? Why are we getting sick and is there anything we can do about it to prevent it? Of course there is regardless what the medical care system tries to tell you! I am not sure if you have heard but there is a virus out there and we are being told it is dangerous to all young and healthy and detrimental to the elderly and overweight. Now this would be called germ theory which for the most part has been disproven in the early 70's for all diseases especially viruses. So what is it, why are the young and "healthy" getting sick though? Well they were never really healthy to begin with thanks to our cheap, fake and toxic ways of living. What we have here going on today is a silent epidemic of sick, weak, inflamed and toxic terrains due to toxic ways of living and it can begin in utero over 200 toxic man made chemicals have been discovered in a womens umbilical blood post birth. So therefore I introduce to you terrain theory; I am sure you have seen the images circulating of the fish bowls. If you have a sick fish what is the first thing you do? You clean the tank to help aid in its healing which is likely the cause that made it susceptible to dis-ease in the first place. This approach should be the same for people but has gotten lost in the power of modern medicine and its all mighty healing capabilities to fix us regardless of what poor life decisions we make. But, like I mentioned before it doesn't heal, it just applies a pretty bandaid to hide it. If you get diagnosed with high blood pressure and get put on a medication to bring it down- you still have high blood pressure but now just more dis-ease is brewing silently under the surface while the medications mask the symptoms that should have been telling you your body is out of balance. I am not anti-medicine but I strongly believe in looking for root causes, encouraging healthy weight as assessing a persons lifestyle and diet prior to rushing to mask any symptom of dis-ease. See why the young and healthy argument is invalid? How many people are there in their 20's or even teens and young child hood that have symptoms of distress? They suffer from headaches, poor digestion, inability to focus, constant colds and each one of those gets masks with the next pill or diagnosis so a pill can be prescribed and then it’s all good because the symptoms you were complaining about are gone right? These symptoms come from a life of fake food, fast living and cheap products and then we just continue that life without getting down to the root causes and the circle continues.

What this does is creates an even more toxic environment to allow more dis-ease to grow and develop. It makes our body more toxic and blocks our drainage pathways. So yup you got it we are all sick because we are oh so toxic and unaware. I mean I bet you expected me to say. Everything from the food we eat, the air we breathe, the stress we don't cope with, to the mold in our homes. So when we are toxic we become hot, inflamed, dark, acidic and our body produces mucous to protect our membranes so we just become big puffy mucous filled bodies that cant regulate or communicate. Where I have recently educated myself on is how we treat viruses and bacteria and what we do when we get sick and what we can do before that happens. First let me explain when and if you get symptoms of a cold or flu the symptoms are actually your immune system WORKING, not the virus itself or bacteria. Your immune system is beautiful and works perfectly when we don't have it in overdrive causing autoimmune conditions ( thats a blog for another day). When we get the sniffles or a fever that is our immune system activating detox pathways in our body to kill, shed and detox the invader. This is were the problem comes. If you live a toxic life your body is also going to detox all the other shit that was in your body prior to you getting sick. Hence why those who are obese have severe symptoms and are more prone to shedding a higher viral load as they hold more toxins in their adipose tissues. Why we get so sick is our detox systems or also called drainage pathways become clogged and we become toxic allowing more room for secondary injury and sickness such as kidney, liver and respiratory failure and infection.

So what can we do? This is a two step part but mostly involves ways to

live a toxin-less life and support those detox pathways!

Our body detoxes through 6 different drainage pathways

  1. Liver

  2. Lungs

  3. Skin/ Sweat

  4. Lymph

  5. Kidneys/Bladder

  6. Digestion/ Bowels

So these tips will be how to stop these systems from being overwhelmed to help your body function optimally without risk of cellular damage

from the free radials and oxidative stress caused by shitty living. I know we cannot stop our exposure to all toxins so that is why it is important to support these systems daily and try our best!

Step 1: Stop living a life full of shit, toxins and shitty people! Its all about building resiliency. Building up a tough terrain so that we are strong enough to fight off whatever comes our way! Heres some tips on what to do daily. The small things add up.

- Deal with your shit. Aka better manage your stress, say no, cut toxin people or jobs. If you can't change the stressor, change your response to it

- Sleep, good quality sound sleep! It is important to regulate your day and night hormones by reducing screen time and getting out in more natural light and sleep by the moon light.

- Hydration, hydration hydration with filtered water. Limit drinking out of plastic.

-Stay active. We do not need 3 hours at the gym, 30 minutes of increased heart rate daily plus no longer than sitting for 25 minutes at a time. If you work at sedentary job make sure you are walking, squatting and stretching and being mindful of your posture

- Eat real food. Our world is so full of food but its empty food or that is what I call it. There is zero value to it and it actually can deplete our body of nutrients. Eat food that looks like food and try to stay in season. Lots of hearty vegetables in the winter, broths and antimicrobial foods such as garlic, tumeric, ginger, lemon, onions, leeks etc..

- Replace toxic products and cleaners in your home as well as your beauty/ bath products. These are full of chemicals that disrupt our livers! A great place to start if you're not sure is down the essential oil route. They can replace your cleaners, beauty products and assist your body too!

Here is a great link to get in on all the oils you need to start in your home to support your mind, body and home! Click here to shop the best kit to get started. If you are looking to go after your health and be committed to it 1000% than this kit is a great place to start to protect & prepare you body, mind and home. Click here to see what this kit is all about or email me to book a free 20 minute chat on which kit or supplements would be best for you!

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These are all great places to start sometimes we do our best and we might fall off course and that usually when we get sick when we aren't expecting it and are distracted. So what now? Well, we keep on supporting our detox/drainage pathways! All my life its been shoved in our faces to take the Advil cold & sinus, suppress the symptoms. Remember those days where they use to advertise taking a medicine to suppress your symptoms so you can go to work asymptomatic and spread it to everyone- oh those were the days! What I have actually learned is we need to assist these processes in the body to help rid the body! Here are some tips....

- Let your fever safely run its course monitored of course - Warm baths with epsom salts and essential oils to help pull out the toxins.

- Before the bath or shower you can even gently dry brush to increase your circulation and get your lymph flowing and then get into a warm shower or bath to really then get sweating and pull it out of you.

- Meditate. We want to take those deep breaths, we detox gases through

cellular respiration and the more oxygen flowing the better our organs functions. Slow breaths through your nose and out your mouth. If you are stuffy you can use some essential oils like easy air to diffuse or put a drop in your hands and cover your mouth and nose and take some deep breaths and you'll notice with each breathe it will get easier and easier.

- Let the mucous run. Mucous is there to protect us and is good for a short period. If we are having troubled expelling it this can lead to more infection and bacterial growth leading to more secondary infections. Use a warm humidifier or a mask humidifier to help loosen it so we can expel it! I got this one here from amazon that can do both room and mask humidifying. You can even add some colloidal silver to it as well if you have a cough or preventative (be cautious if possibly pregnant or breast feeding). You can also use food grade hydrogen peroxide through this protocol here .

- Make a towel steam tent. All you need is a bowl of hot water, a towel and some essential oils just as the Easy Air I talked about above, eucalyptus or peppermint. Bowl the hot water and add it to the bowl with 3 drops of each oil. Cover yourself and the bowl with a towel and cover your eyes and take 10 deep breaths or as many as you can tolerate.

-Lets support that liver! Lots of tea, dandelion root, milk thistle, lemon, ginger, raw honey, elderberry. I think you get the point.

- Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

- See my fullscript here for a list of vitamins and