Oh no, Another Oil Girl

I am here to be open and honest about the purity of do TERRA essential oils and how they are an incredible tool to add to your wellness toolbox to detox your home, body and support your mind and health that I have used everyday for the last 6 years! Here is my story ...

By: Deedra Helenna Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner


I've always been a bit crunchy ( just learned that word the other day), or as my dad calls it hippy dippy. I've loved learning about other cultures and how they look at illness or injury of the mind and body but I wasn't fully immersed in the holistic world yet ( thats a few part story). This one is just how I found essential oils and what they did for me. You can read about the health struggles I had in 2016 and 2017 that really pushed me down the rabbit hole of hormones and holistic healing here.

It wasn't till after the birth of my daughter in 2015 and a LONG postpartum depression journey as well as severe hormonal damage that I started to seek natural remedies because the allopathic medical system was taking too long. I was prescribed antidepressants but I personally did not want to take; nothing against them they can be an amazing tool but for me personally I knew I wanted to truly heal. I tried them for a few days and they made me feel terrible. So okay what now? I was referred to a womens program for counselling but was over 6 weeks to have my first intake session. I was struggling NOW. I was very fortunate I did not have any ideations at that time of wanting to hurt myself or my child but I was not sleeping and I was manically depressed. The risk was still there and I could feel at any moment I could have had a psychotic episode. There were MANY factors playing into my PPD journey but I won't get into those now but I can tell you just knowing I wanted and needed help was enough for me to keep going to try to navigate this new life as a mom and try to thrive for my daughter and myself.

Thanks so social media I has seen all these people talking about essential oils. Its just when they really started to get out there for the public. I can actually still today remember one of my good girlfriends posting about them and how she used them in her home as natural cleaners and with a new baby I was like YES please I don't want that toxic crap in my home. So I reached out to her and without question bought the Physicians kit I believe it was called back then ( not allowed to call it that now). I bought books and text books and read about TONs of DIY home cleaner recipes on Pinterest and I was hooked! I was using them for surface cleaning, mirrors, sticky stuff and carpet freshener! I threw out anything under my sink and just used vinegar, baking soda and oils and felt a lot better about my choices in my home. It was a transition but so worth it!

Little did I know that they would also be the best tool for my emotional heath at that time too and in my journey of looking for tools to add to my wellness toolbox I had them in front of me the whole time! In the kit came Balance an oil blend that brought me back down to me. It gave me the feeling of feeling calm, it helped quiet my mind so I could sit in peace for even just a moment and that moment was enough for me to reset and start again with a new mindset. Okay, if his oil can do this for my brain what else is out there that can help me, what is this power of aromatherapy?

Now I will say this the oils did not cure my PPD, they don't cure but what they are is an incredible tool that I used to help me in my moments of crisis mentally and physically. I started to use them for emotional support, immune health, cellular health, mental health and for making my home more toxin free so I felt better about my child crawling on the carpets and eating off the table and now I know living toxin-less helps your hormones and mental clarity! Oh, and I LOVE LOVE them for allergy season ; TRIEASE is a game changer for seasonal allergies plus diffusing the same blend in the home is so cleansing! I also cannot forget the "bitch stick" womens health blend Clary Calm. I haven't gone a single menstrual phase without it assisting my body in relieving cramps and discomfort. Just a "few" of the ones I love but I could continue on and well if you follow me on my socials I do- HAHA!

For 6 years I've consistently used oils in my home. I started to stop buying them obsessively because yes it can become a problem. You do not need ALL the oils. I found what I liked to use in my home and have stuck to those ( most of them mentioned above, but I will link them all below in my personal list of the top 10 oils and blends to have). Now I have to say I love divine timing and social media to connect to like minded humans. I joined a group on facebook and I bravely but myself out there and advertised my holistic business and had a local person reach out to me and we connected and both said its like we have known each other for forever and well here I am now openly sharing my essential oil love and incorporating it into my holistic business, which honestly I should have done a year ago - but eh timing is everything!

I've shared oils before on my business accounts but never ever thought abut incorporating them into my holistic business. Why, I have no idea when they have been and are such an amazing tool to compliment all the other modalities in my wellness toolbox that I encourage others to build up to aid in their health and healing journey!

So be prepared to read more about oils and how you can incorporate them into your daily routine for your physical, mental and even spiritual health. If you are questioning oils I am going to give you 10 reasons now to consider them!

  1. They are not extra cost, they replace TONS of unnecessary costs in your home that are safe, natural and effective. Think of all the different cleaners you have and can replace with one glass reusable bottle.

  2. Environmental friendly in the sense they replace lots of plastic in your homes with reusable glass bottles and do TERRA is always giving back and ensuring sustainability of the environment

3. They are effective and I can prove that to you with just a sample of 10 drops! Email me if you'd like to try before you buy!

4. do TERRA gives back to the communities they resource from in the sense of jobs and even health care and community support.

5. do TERRA oils go through throughout third party testing . Did you know their lavender oil is considered medical grade it is so pure and accurate?

6. Free from fillers, additives etc, meaning most oils (if labeled) are safe and approved to consume. Other labels are only labeled not safe due to they are herbs and oils that cannot be consumed but go for topical application or aromatherapy but are still pure.

7. Limited risk of adverse reaction or side affect unless known allergy. I have a whole class where I talk about this and how to use essential oils safely and effectively. Think less more often!

8. Prices, rewards and shipping. do Terra is always wanting to give back to their customers who love on them! There are montly free oils with your order, loyalty rewards programs where you can accumulate points for free products and so much more!

9. Opportunity to make an income by just sharing what works ! Message me to get started!

10. Well because if you start our oil journey with me - You get me as your wellness advocate and I think that is an amazing reason to get started!

I have many free and exclusive classes I offer virtually from essential oils 101, oils for immune health , pets and oils to kids and oil. There is something to learn FREE before you even sign up!

Message me to get started today!


love & Light

- Dee

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