The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How To use an Oracle Card Deck.

Updated: May 19, 2021

Oh, and have I mentioned I have designed and created my own for you to purchase? I just had to stay up to date with the newest trends being a entrepreneur and a holistic healer. I see the need out there for things that bring inspiration and guidance, especially during these times of uncertainty. I myself have a dozen oracle card decks and tarot decks and use them as one of my many energy healing, divination tools during my spiritual practices. So I decided to create my own and I must say, I have even impressed myself! This deck is right to the point, vulgar, beautiful and will give you all the ah-ha moments that the universe has been trying to convey to you!

Each card has been created to awaken your mind and guide you to the answers in which you seek. Every deck is cleansed with a smudging ritual prior to delivery and infused with spell for divine guidance. You can pre-order your own right here if you haven't yet.


Now with a new oracle deck I will soon be offering virtual oracle card readings guided by the Divine, they go a little more in-depth than just your basic at home spreads if you looking for something more well in-depth. Sign up for my newsletter Deedra's Divine Times to stay up to date for when this service will be available for booking!

Now, if you are new to oracle cards which are different to tarot you may wonder what the heck are you suppose to do with them. Below are some tips on the difference between oracle and tarot, how to choose the right deck for you, 6 steps to adding oracle card pulls and readings to your spiritual routines as well as some of my favourite spreads!

What is the difference?

Tarot will ALWAYS have the same 78 cards. What people have done is taken those cards and personalized the images with their own graphics. Each card regardless holds the same meaning for the most part.

An oracle card deck is a great tool to add to your list of divination tools. They can literally be anything and don't really have any rules to follow, it is up to the creator. The only thing in common with all decks is the creator has made this deck to encourage guidance to the decks users. My deck Drink your Fuckin' Tea is 76 cards which is double that of what some of the most common decks are. I would say most are around 50-55 cards. All decks have different messages, some come with a book to help interpret the cards (mine doesn't - I ain't that fancy), some have themes like feminine energy, masculine energy, herbs, crystals, love etc ! Today there is literally a deck for everybody and what messages and guidance they are looking for.

How to pick a deck.

My Personal Collection

The creation of oracle decks is becoming so popular it can be over whelming! I rarely buy a deck first glance. I spend maybe a hour in a store looking at all the decks, reading them and trying to get a vibe and I will buy the one I keep going back to! I'm currently feeling a need for a new one and have spent many minutes already on Etsy. Most metaphysical stores in your area carry them! If you are local to me in Hagersville Ontario Canada my two favourite places are The Cabin Wellness Clinic in Fisherville and Moonshadow Metaphysical shop in brantford, Ontario!

Decks Pictured in My Personal Collection:

Left Top to Bottom : First two are prototypes of my own deck Drink your Fuckin' Tea, How to love yourself by Loise Hay,The Divine Feminine by Meggan Watterson, The Universe has your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein, Work your Light by Rebecca Campbell, Tattoo Tarot by Megamunden, Moonology by Yasmin Boland, The Ritual Deck by Cassie Uhl.

Left to Right : The Green Witch Tarot by Ann Moura, The Book of Tarot by Danielle Noel, Ascension Cards by Diana Cooper,

Top Right: Cards from Zenned Out Goddess Discovery Books

6 Steps to Creating a Oracle Reading Ritual

  1. Create space : Cleanse your quiet space with a smudging ritual or a selenite crystal wand. Ensure you have time and are not rushed. You can make it a full ritual with mediation, tea, candles, crystals or none at all! For me it depends on that day - HA!

  2. Grab a pen and paper

  3. Set the intention for guidance, call in your spirit guides: Ensure you are open to receiving any and all messages as it may not be exactly what you are looking for but what you need instead.

  4. Choose your spread : What meaning are you giving the cards you pull. Are you pulling one card for what you need to hear today, or a 3 card spread to guide you on a issue in your life . You can find tons of these ideas here on Pinterest for 3 card spread intentions.

  5. Shuffle your deck while manifesting your intentions and talking to your guides about divinely leading you. Stop shuffling when you feel it is right and pull your card or lay out your spread face down first.

  6. Slowly turn over card by card. Taking in the message and guidance. Journal your findings and thank the universe for its help. Then giggle at how right the cards were! Funny how the universe sends its messages and you probably knew the answer the whole time, this is just a way to validate that.

Oh and there is a last step I forgot...don't forget to drink your fuckin' tea

Popular 1 card pulls :

  • How is my energy being drained?

  • Where do I need to focus my energy?

  • Where do I need to create boundaries?

  • What is something I need to be mindful of today?

  • What do I still need to learn?

  • What is blocking my intuition?

  • What do I need to release?

Three Card Spreads :

  • Mind / Body / Soul

  • Draining Energy / More Energy / How to do it

  • Obstacle / Resolution / Outcome

  • Situation / What I can't change / What I can change

  • Love / Home / Work

  • Them / Me / Issue

  • Issue / Person / Resolution

5 Card Direction Spread

This is one of my favourite spreads to use to help me answer questions towards a situation : good or bad. This spread brings all the guidance and direction you will need!

  1. What is the main issue/ idea of the situation in question?

  2. Why is it a challenge? How is it challenging you?

  3. What are you to do about it? Where is it going to take you?

  4. What are you going to need to release to get to resolution? There is always something that will be needing to be let go.

  5. What is going to be the outcome? How will it look for you in the end?

What I have learned in my oracle card practice is it it 1000% divinely guided through intuition and just a knowing in what you really NEED to hear, see or understand for day. Sometimes it may not be exactly what you are asking for but it will always be something you are ignoring that needs to be brought to the surface.

Don't forget to pre-order your Drink your Fuckin' Tea deck. This is one I am telling you you are gonna want :)

Sending Love and Light,

Deedra Helenna

Reiki Practitioner

Holistic Nutritionist & Feminine Health Coach