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The truth behind PMS, what it really stands for and why its totally bullshit.

by: Deedra Helenna

Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner


I don't think there is a single women I have ever met that has ever told me they enjoy or even understand their feminine cycle ( Period as most modern day people refer to it - don't). Even with my knowledge of how we are suppose to be living and how powerful it is to be a bleeding women I still have a lot to unlearn. Somedays I also despise having a cycle especially those 7 days prior to the first day of my bleed. Known as the luteal phase or as some women address it their "PMS" phase. I feel this because I can also be a complete bitch and use to think there was something wrong with me... no no it was a sign that there was something wrong with the way I was living.

I cannot diagnosis, cure or treat but like anything in this world what looks like a duck is probably a duck. Many people who suffer from anxiety and depression may not have a clinical diagnosis but they know what they are suffering from. The same ideology is usually applied to the term PMS or premenstrual syndrome. One may not be clinically diagnosed but sure as hell knows there are suffering from it!

I might get in shit for saying this but PMS is too complex to have a single name for a diagnosis. It's a collection of symptoms that may have MANY root causes that show their ugly face in the time when we are most vulnerable and hormonally sensitive.

PMS is exactly that pre-menstrual. Which would mean it occurs in the phase prior to menstruation AKA our Luteal phase. 7-10 days prior to bleeding or somewhere days 16-28 of your full cycle.

"PMS" can look like .... sore and tender breasts, mood swings, anxiousness, irritability, weeping, water retention, weight gain, acne, abdominal bloating, pelvic cramping, back pain, headaches, tension, joint pain, lethargy, insomnia ... I think you get the point.

Well to understand what is happening causing these symptoms lets look at what the luteal phase is ....

  • Days 16-28 of your cycle

  • estrogen and testosterone drop

  • progesterone levels rise from the corpus luteum

  • The ovum travels down the fallopian tube to implant in the thickened uterus, if this doesn't occur due to to fertilization of the egg then progesterone drops triggering the body to shed the lining

Progesterone is the protection hormone. It wants us to be aware of the toxic ways we live because it is trying to make a home safe enough to grow human life. You may find yourself less tolerable of peoples bullshit and that is your brains way of protecting and shielding yourself from harm. Progesterone allows us to connect with our true emotions so we can be divinely guided and intuitive in the women's way of just knowing. Ya know how your momma just always know? haha !

So when you are not aligning with your hormones and the feminine way, feeding your mind and body with toxic shit it shows up in this phase to alert you, to try and tell you that this way of living is not aligning with your body or mind. This phase as mentioned is for preparing to grow life and it's going to make you angry until you see your ways of toxicity, of conforming to societal norms of having to always be busy instead of horning what your body is going through and take time to rest, heal and retreat inwards!

So before you try a fancy diet or supplement or cleanse.. why not first try just quieting the noise and honouring what your hormones are trying to convey to you and give up the bullshit already. You wouldn't believe how many women try this and the very next cycle see a significant difference.

Then... only then can I suggest some protocols and supplements for YOU to use as a temporary crutch in your healing journey till you unlearn all the crap!

sending love and light,

Deedra Helenna

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