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The Real Reason Women Burn Out.

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

The constant go go go, the feeling the need to be keen on everything can burn you out. But here in lies the real reason and what you can do about it.

By Deedra Helenna Reiki Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist and guide to natural living


Women have only just entered the work force in the last century. Coincidently women infertility, hormonal distress, cancers and mental health concerns are at a sky rocketing high. The working world is toxic, all men and women can agree with that from the environments, to some of the people, to the schedules and more. Women are more likely to feel the affects of these toxic traits of modern day society rise and grind and do it all attitudes due to their hormonal cycles.

See the thing is women weren't allowed to be in the work force. Now I do not disagree but I can see why it took so long and why its slowly killing us. It is my belief that we have become so disconnected with our own biological traits, factors and innate knowing that we don't realize that we need ying and yang to make the world flow. We need strength, but we need kindness, we need hunters and we need gathers. Women use to be seen as the nurturers, the wise women, the caretakers while men went out and made sure the wife had the tools to do so. This is how the flow of mother nature usually works. Now, with women in the workforce we are being the nurturers and the hunters and it's not in our biological nature to do so. It's disconnecting us from our feminine with toxic masculinity and its making us prone to infertility, period problems, cancers, premature menopause and is linked to decline in memory and mental health.

Womens Cycles

Just like the moon we are always whole but there are only certain times of the month where we show up whole, and others are meant to only illuminate specific qualities in us as I will list below in each phase. This is why it makes it impossible to show up the same everyday because everyday our hormones make us physically and mentally a different person harnessing certain skills and biological traits depending on where we are in our cycle.

Can you start to put the pieces together and see why the fast moving, high stress, show up everyday to see results is slowly killing the feminine?

For example.... When we are in our luteal or menstrual phases or in a survival mode and lets say want to work out, lose weight or take on a new stressful project. Guess what? Working out intensely, eating calorie restricted meals and losing sleep especially in those phases is going to throw you into an imbalance because your body at that time is not meant and should not undergo that much stress and will continue to keep you in that flight or fight mode stressing the adrenals, the thyroid and creating the perfect storm for chronic inflammation.

Here I will go through the 4 phases and how they present and how you can better sync YOUR LIFE to YOUR BODY. Some may call it cycle syncing. I just call it living.

Believe it or not I have had women from the ages of 25-45 not know the 4 phases of their feminine cycle. YUP, hey I didn't either till a few years ago. Crazy eh.