The Reiki Practitioner and the Skeptic

Reiki is something I am passionate about, it has changed my life in so many ways that I even got trained to offer this healing modality to others and have a beautiful practise but it is not without hesitation!

By Deedra Helenna Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner


This blog is little about the in home Reiki services I offer, but also about my spiritual discovery journey. A story I don't know if I have ever really told. I remember years ago the word Reiki had been tossed around in conversation a few times.

oh did you know so and so does that Reiki stuff I remember my mom saying once.

I really had no idea what that meant. I wasn't really spiritual but open to the option of energy, intuition and all that metaphysical "stuff". It wasn't really till my work as a Paramedic believe it or not that I tuned into more of what my Dad calls "hippy dippy stuff". Call it vibes, call it energy, knowing or sheer dumb luck but there is something to be said about trusting your vibes especially in my career as a Paramedic to be aware of our surroundings, the people and your natural instincts and maybe not always acting on them but to just be aware they are there and mentally prepare. There started to be a common series of moments in my job where I had like "wow I already knew that, or wow that did happen" and got me wondering if this "gut feeling" thing I've always heard of was something I could enhance and unlock more potential. During the time I was pondering all these gut instincts I had gifted my mom for Christmas a psychic medium reading as we had recently had some passings in our family. I had never been to one so I went with her to see what it was all about. The session was going really well when the psychic medium turned to me and was like " you're very intuitive aren't you? It makes you good at your job." She didn't even know my name nor knew what my job was. If that wasn't a sign I don't know what else would be. So I started on the journey on reading more about intuition, oracle cards, trusting the divine, raising your vibrations and all that jazz. But the pivotal moment in my spiritual journey was one a tragic event that is not mine to tell but lead to some beautiful connections in a weird disaster type way. It made me reflect on my own life and make some drastic changes. This story is not one to be made public as some of the most beautiful and tragic things are better left off to experience on your own. But I did have an incredible support system after talking to someone about my experience and connection to this event, my intuition and dreams about it I was encouraged to go see "Donna". A reiki practitioner in our local area. I remember the first time I met Donna I had ZERO idea what to expect. I didn't even google what was Reiki and Donna gotten my name wrong but the next thing out of her mouth was " you're very intuitive aren't you." and well the rest is history. Donna encouraged me to keep following my gut, knowing there was more potential for me, learning what Reiki is all about to enhance and work with it and then eventually onto helping others by creating my own practise.

This is where the skeptic comes into play. I know I have something good here. I know I am good at it, it naturally is something I feel I don't have to try hard at. See the problem is it was fine when I was doing it just for me. The chakra balancing, the crystal work, learning how to card read, sound & vibrational healing, divine feminine and masculine energy and all that metaphysical, spiritual, naturally connected stuff.

I felt called to offer this service for people but it doesn't come without hesitation and belief for so many reasons such as trusting I will be good at it and wondering what other people in my life will think. This was very out there for me when I first started to get into it. You know what I mean... being labelled as a hippy or quack. It has happened since and honestly when it did happen and it fuelled me even more to connect to my spirituality I knew I was on the right path.

So here I am. I now offer one hour reiki sessions out of my home in Haldimand County. Each session varies between hand on techniques, sound and crystal vibrational cleansing as well.

Oh, if you're reading this and the whole time is like WTH is Reiki, well it is a beautiful holistic healing modality with hands on(or just above) placements from the practitioner on the body in a laid out position ( pictured table above) to aid in universal energetic flow through the participant to reduce the affects of stress, unblock and balance the chakras ( thats for another day) and help clear blocked emotions from the mind and body.

See why I've been a little skeptic but when I am in the moment with myself or in a session with a client there is no denying there is something magical about this.

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This proud hippy, dippy is sending you all the love, light and vibrational healing Reiki vibes !

Deedra Helenna

Nutritional and Holistic Healing

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