The Secret Ingredient to all Disease

Its a reaction to protect us but in high doses it is the base for brewing all diseases.

By: Deedra Helenna

Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner


Everything we expose ourselves to is either feeding disease or fuelling your body. The sad reality is that everything today is so fake, fast and toxic that our bodies majority of the time are in fight mode, constantly trying to adapt to the poisons that we are constantly unconsciously and consciously exposing ourselves to.

The progression of the revolution of access to UNLIMITED "food" and technology in todays western world has also opened the door to the progression of dis-ease and a burdened health care system from those suffering from ... CHRONIC INFLAMMATION thanks to our way of living.

Yup inflammation is the root cause to most disease which has many triggers from toxins/pathogens, stress & stealth infections. Each root cause has several sub categories from mold, parasites, candida, alcohol, endocrine disrupters, decreased mobility, phytoestrogens, blood sugar dysregulation, unhealed trauma, overworked, lack of quality of sleep etc...

All of this leads to the body staying in a constant state of FIGHTING to protect the body and not focus on regulating the body and this means that it creates mucous and inflammation to protect the tissues which in turns creates a dark, warm and acidic body where pathogens, viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancer THRIVES. We become puffy, inflamed and dumb beings whose nerves cannot fire properly, whose brain fills with mucous and out toxic load continues to rise!

chronic Inflammation can look like ...

- Food sensitivities

- Seasonal allergies

- Headaches


- Foggy Brain

- Inability to concentrate

- Mouth breathing

- Hives

- Joint pain

- Chronic fatigue

Just to name a few but these can lead to more serious issues such as ...

- Auto-immune disorders

- Immobility

- Dementia

- Cancer of all kinds


- Endometriosis

- Hormone imbalances

- Infertility

- Coronary Artery Disease

- Diabetes

Again the list goes on- I think you get the point.

So what we can we do to extinguish the fire, we need to focus on cooling the body. Like a icepack on a sprained ankle But we need to keep the inflammation from coming back. That is why when you injure a muscle your rest it! We need to put to rest the bad habits that are keeping us inflamed.

Reduce toxic load by switching as best as you can to natural and organic home from the laundry soap you use, to the . Be careful not to buy into labels and check your products on app or website.

Drink filtered water water can be tainted with heavy metals, parasites and other pathogens that disturb that natural balance of our bodies

Adapt a daily routine that encourages to increase your detox potential.

- Green smoothie or juice in the morning with spirulina or chlorella to help remove heavy metals

- Oil pulling which requires to swish a natural oil in your mouth for 15 minutes a day

- Tongue scraping to clean out the bad AMA ( toxins) of the beginning of your GI tract

- Get sweaty and get moving meaning workout, get outside and garden do something that gets your heart rate up and blood flowing. NOTE: women ensure this is balanced with your feminine cycle. DO NOT lift heavy in your luteal or menstrual phases this will just cause more inflammation and hormone imbalances.

- Go for a massage or adapt a lymphathic massage routine

- Dry brush before showers

Add more inflammatory fighting foods to your day. Garlic, lemon, ginger, turmeric and green leafy veggies that support methylation are great for preventing and managing inflammation.

Manage body pH by eliminating acidic foods. A basic pH diet should be 80% alkalinic foods and 20% acidic foods such as your night shade vegetables. STAY AWAY FROM FRIED FOODS!

Control blood sugars How ever this looks to you. Some can regulate their sugars well but including fasting, this should not be adopted for most women at least not in the ways mainstream diet culture has encouraged. A simple way is to encourage small meals that are low on the glycemic index scale combined with a clean protein or carbohydrate to slow down the spike, release and conversion of sugars.

Cold Showers This is great for the morning routine or before bed too if your a person like me that has long-term injuries and has to manage inflammation to get a good sleep. Cold water therapy added with meditation has saved my nerves!

Reduce Stress & Deal with your shit I cannot stress this enough. The more we trigger a stress response the worst our nerves get. They get tired and burnt out. Either eliminate the stressor or adapt yourself to the stress so that it no longer trigger you!

What happened to you may have been out of your control but the reality is it is your responsibility to take ownership how you heal and respond. Trauma is a major precursor for inflammation. RELEASE it so it no longer has ownership over you. Soften your forehead and pull your ears away from your shoulders.

and the last one is HEAL YOUR GUT - AS ALWAYS. This is another process in its own but something I will be talking about later and will link to this blog. Stay Tuned.

Detoxes & Supplementation

In most cases food and lifestyle being cleaned up is enough. These are last resorts to clean up lingering symptoms to pinpoint a more specific cleanse or detox or supplement needed. Is it candida? Parasites? mold? A elimination protocol is needed? Gut healing ?

For severe cases of pain I focus on cooling the nerves supplements such as adaptogen herbs are GREAT for controlling and regulating cortisol and histamine, calcium and magnesium are great for muscle tension. Turmeric is amazing in general for decreasing inflammation for old injuries. NAC ( n acetyl cysteine ) for glutathione production and methylation support which aids in reducing a inflammatory response in the body, Glucosamine for old injuries that are now arthritic and of course all sorts of herbal teas such as nettle, lavender, lemon balm, chamomile and milk thistle for detox support and relaxation support.

( Please seek a medical professional when looking to supplement )

This life is not designed to support our bodies in how they naturally know how to adapt. We need to get back to our ways of living that supports us physically, mentally and spiritually. Stop with the fake and fast crap! Get moving, love more and do it passion!

Send a email to to book your one hour discovery session with a certified Holistic Nutritionist ( ME) if any of this sounds like you and we can get to the root together but you've gotta put in the work after that.

Sending love, light & healing

Deedra Helenna

Divine Healing

This is just my observations and opinions and should not be replaced with professional medical advice. Speak with your professional.