There is always time for tea

If you haven't figured it out yet, I love tea for so many reasons mainly because it gets you to sit down and shut up.

By: Deedra Helenna

Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner


A lot of my " business" is directed around the theme of tea. Tea is simple, tea is delicious and it can make you sit down, slow down and enjoy life and good conversation.

There is literally a tea for everything, for sleep, for your gut, for stress resiliency, for liver support and so much more.

I grew up in a home that always sat around the dinner table after a large meal and had a cup of tea. Tea has always been there to sit and sooth the sore throats and the broken hearts.

There is just something about sitting with a cup of tea. It is also a great time to sit down and deal with your own bullshit. Hence how I was inspired to create my oracle deck Drink Your Fuckin' Tea.

Studies have shown that those who habitually sit down and drink tea atleast 3 times a week have a longer life and decrease in all-cause death! Read more about the Japanese study here.

Here are some of my favourite teas for their spiritual, mental and physical health benefits.

Tulsi Tea ( AKA Holy Basil)

This tea is what everyone needs to be drinking these days. Holy basil is used to help lower cortisol levels aiding in reduction of inflammation and stressors on the body. It also helps the body be more resistant to stressors because of this. It is also great at balancing out blood sugar levels aiding in better concentration.

Dandelion Root

Women and well men too listen up! This tea is crucial for liver and digestive support to aid in the detoxification process and eliminate excess estrogen aka help reduce symptoms or discomfort of excess estrogens ( POCOS, endometriosis, "PMS", PMDD).

Green Tea

A strong anti-oxidant that can reduce oxidative and free radial stress on the body. This tea is also amazing for allergy and asthma suffers to help open up the bronchial airways! I had a scoop of local honey during seasonal allergy season to help combat severe symptoms.

Raging Hormonal Blend

You know that time of the month where you are just tense and bitchy and uncomfortable this tea blend is heaven sent for my headaches and mood!

2tsp Feverfew

1tsp Peppermint

1tsp valarian root

1tsp chasteberry

Peppermint tea

I think I am a little peppermint obsessed I add it to most of my teas its great for pain, headaches, concentration and sleep - who knew!

Great for allergies, colds, opening airways, studying and more and also had great flavor.

These are some great places to start your tea obsession as well as invest in a good single strainer or a pot that you can get put your loose leaf in like this one here.

I get most my tea lose leaf so I can make my own blends from Harmonic arts, Organik Connections or Richerts .

So today sit down and drink your tea - you never know where it might lead you.

sending love & light,

Deedra Helenna

Please also consult with a professional if you are taking medication, have any allergies, pregnant or breastfeeding. My blogs are my opinions and experiences and not to be taken for medical advice.

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