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Welcome, here is where you will find all you need to know about myself and the goals, hopes and dreams of my offerings and well my life goals.

So you guessed it, I am Deedra from Deedra Helenna Holistic Healing Services. I have been working on this dream for quite some time and its been a lot of ups and downs and navigations but I have finally found my groove and so excited to offer you mind, body and soul healing services.

Today is my 32nd birthday and I figured why not redesign it all and head into this run around the sign with a more simple, wholesome approach. You will see this with my new website design, social media structure and in how I present myself to potential clients. Life has been too fast for even me so it is time to simplify the good stuff so it makes it more attainable. Hope you will join me on this journey of calm, collective growth and the odd moment of chaos.

Picture taken by my beautiful aunt and friend GoldandRay Photography

Goals, Hopes and Dreams

Tomorrows blog will tell you all about my personal experience, certificates and beliefs that have left me down the path of holistic health and healing. But for now I just want you to know that I hate technology and computer work but I have a passion for sharing what I know and learn. A conundrum I know and one I battle endlessly. Then every now and again I have those moments with a client or follower that restores my faith in what I do, say and share. Those dms, comments or texts that remind me why I got into what I am doing- because I wish I had met someone like me when I was going through all my mental, physical and spiritual struggles. Heck I still struggle but thanks to my education and trainings there is little damage and a quick turn around. I hope to be that person that lights the fire under you to choose healthier life choices for your mind, body and soul. I hope that someone finds one of my classes, blog or posts and it resonates enough with them to dig deeper into their traumas and pain and not say no to mediocre answers.

I hope to make this a thriving "business" for many reasons. Ofvcourse financially it doesn't hurt, but to be able to stay home more with my family I hope is not a far away dream and of-course to get those hell yas from my clients when they have their lightbulb moment that brightens their healing journey!

So what now?

You'll be seeing lots of new blogs, free virtual classes on all things holistic healing and health and a heck of a lot of information coming at you, group metabolic health programs, meditation circles and so much more.

Stay Tuned.

Love and Light

Deedra Helenna Holistic Healing Services Holistic Nutritonist, Reiki and Natural Solutions

www.deedrahelenna.com deedrahelenna@gmail.com Haldimand County, ON Canada

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