What a Holistic Nutritionist is not....

I've had some people come up to me over the years and ask "What is is that you really do?" Even my own family, yes it has happened.

The world is so fast and fake these days that considered that normal that we actually have had to give names to natural living such as "holistic", "alternative" "natural health". When these in fact are how things SHOULD be..but I digress.

Holistic is a term coined to describe a lifestyle that encompasses the idea that everything is connected from the human mind and body to the earth and to the soul. Now add nutritionist to the end of it and you have someone who has studied MANY text books, articles, studies and books on the science that there is a direct correlation of what your expose your mind and body to and the state of health that your mind and body are in.

I recently because certified as a Holistic Nutritionist through the online school Nutraphoria after first graduating from their Tier one program as a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach and then started working as a Health Coach while finishing my tier 2 to get the diploma I have today.

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I have to say this. I have learned more about the inner workings about the human body and how to properly support it, how toxic or environments are to our health and how to properly apply healing nutritionally than I ever thought possible and that is even with my extensive medical back ground as a Paramedic since 2013. I was not prepared for how in-depth and awakening this program and its information was going to be let alone how passionate I was going to be about it all. Talk about information overhaul.

So in light of becoming a certified Holistic Nutritionist let me tell you a little about what a Holistic Nutritionist is NOT so you can better understand what it is we are all about!

1. We cannot diagnose, treat or cure but what we can do is educate, advise and prepare you.

2. We are not quacks, conspiracy theorists or hippies. We are highly educated and trained on the knowledge of the innate workings of the human body and connection to the mind, our life and our environment.

3. We cannot tell you to stop taking prescription medications or go against the advise of any doctorate. What we can do is encourage a lifestyle of preventative living habits to ease any progression of dis-ese, educate on the availability of nutritional and supplemental options for support and be there for encouragement to make healthier and more wholesome life choices.

Each Holistic Nutritionist as most of those practising in the medical field often find a "niche" to work with so just because you are looking for a Nutritionist does not mean any one may fit the bill .

I myself have fell down the worm hole of toxic living and living in a state of inflammation that leads to a state of dis-east. I encourage those to live more natrual lives, improve their detox potential, decrease their inflammation which in turn will then encourage well balanced hormones and mental health. Oh, and I can't forget how passionate I am about working with the Feminine who bleed to reduce the suffering of well .. having a menstrual or I call it a feminine cycle.

See all I offer here!

Happy Healing!

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