What is pulling the trigger on your health?

Finding the root cause to dis-ease, dis-stress and illness is all the new fad. But it should have been all along. Here is what you need to know.

By Deedra Helenna

Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner


There is a pill for every ill, and if there isn't a pill there is no ill and you're left wondering what is wrong with you. Sounds familiar right?

Many people today are looking for more, more answers to their health concerns when they come to the end of what the western world tests can offer them.

I believe this is becoming more common people not able to seek answers with todays testing for many reasons but mainly because we are seeing a new epidemic of symptoms and imbalances because we are living a life we never have before; fake, fast and toxic and it is starting to catch up with us. I have been a part of this lifestyle and western world and I know the damage it can cause. You can read about it in my blog How I fell down the rabbit hole.

There is no denying that allopathic medicine does perform miracles every day, but there is also no denying there is a MASSIVE flaw to the system which we seem to have forgotten is not very old and has admittedly been at the hands of corruption for $. Let's not forget that.

Why is it when someone gets sick that they search for a pill. If a pill isn't what made you sick, how is that going to get you better? Now, please this is not medical advice to stop taking any prescribed medications but more of an awakening to maybe search for a deeper understanding of what is really happening in your body that will help guide you to a possible root cause! There is always one. It may be a cascade of multiple ones by the time the imbalance reaches the surface because the body cannot fight it. But there is ALWAYS a root cause and it can be messy to dig through the dirt but it is so worth it to cleanse those roots of their toxicity so you can truly nourish your physical and mental growth on the inside and out.

Now, what is a root cause? Someone will say they have a diagnosis of a dis-ease, or an imbalance in their blood work. But none of that is actually an answer to what CAUSED your body to go into imbalance so badly that even the innate healing mechanisms that are DESIGNED to heal us everyday couldn't keep up. Those are signs and symptoms of exposure to a trigger. A trigger that leads to a cascade of imbalance and suffering.

Now, here is where it gets simply complicated ....

The only trigger (root cause) to every underlying disease is STRESS. Physical, mental, chemical, biological and genetic STRESS. Which 100% leads to inflammation (proximal cause) and inflammation leads to disease .

Okay, I wish it were that simple but it's not.

Stress triggers can be put into the following categories...

  1. Mental, emotional, psychological, unresolved trauma

  2. Nutrient deficiencies: poor diet

  3. Toxic overload : heavy metals / toxic workplace

  4. Parasitic infections

  5. Cultural conditioning

  6. lack of or too much exercise

  7. Epigenetics ( Dirty Genes)

  8. Poor sleep quality ( mouth breather)

Which ALL lead to damaged cells, inflammation and imbalances and when our body is inflamed nothing can function optimally.

These triggers or root causes than lead to imbalances and inflammation such as ..

  1. Hormonal imbalances : Adrenal, fertility, thyroid etc..

  2. Gut dysbiosis / Digestive concerns

  3. Immune Imbalances / Infections

  4. Cell dysfunction

  5. Mental/ Spiritual Health concerns

  6. Blood sugar imbalances

  7. Lymphatic / Hold onto toxins

  8. Poor liver function

Often imbalances are seen as the root cause but they are there to tell us to dig deeper.

When you book a session with me and those who have or are clients of mine can attest to this... I give out ALOT of paperwork to fill out prior to our first session which I call The Discovery Session. This paperwork and session summarizes your life pretty much, what was happening when your symptoms started, what occurred 10 months before that, how were you raised and what were you exposed to as a child. I go that in depth because I understand that disease does not just pop out of no where. It can take YEARS till we finally hear its screams and it shows up as cancer, heart disease or diabetes to name a few. Together we will work through to uncover and discover those toxic roots and clean them up.

My favorite word or phrase to use in my practice is cascade affect to describe the affects of ones health. The trigger gets pulled, the imbalance occurs and then we choose even more poor life decisions that just keeps playing Russian roulette with the loaded gun till it finally blows. These spins of of the cylinder can look like yo-yo dieting, medicating and toxic emotions and thoughts that just feed into the game.

So what do we do?

  1. Recognize the trigger(s) : This surprisingly is the easiest part it just takes some discussion and investigation.

  2. Ready for Change

  3. Remove or adapt to them : THIS IS THE PART MOST PEOPLE FAIL AT. Its hard AF, I know. But it is so worth it!

  4. Repair the damage

  5. Replenish what was lost

  6. Rejuvenate & Rejoice

The work is messy, its dark and sometimes can be exhausting but I will take the path to healing any day over never knowing.

p.s I am opening for booking Nutritional consultations for march. Send an email to healing@deedrahelenna.com with subject: Nutrition to get booked in! Allow for 24-48 hour response time.

sending love & light,

Deedra Helenna



This is not medical advice.