What is really causing your exhaustion?

I am hearing it more and more these days "I am just so tired", "I am exhausted all the time", "I just can't seem to feel rested". So much in fact people are just considering this their normal.

By: Deedra Helenna

Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner


What is causing your exhaustion you may ask? GIVING YOUR ENERGY AWAY INSTEAD OF GIVING IT WHAT IT NEEDS.

Stop giving away your energy. Stop giving it to nutrient empty food, mindless scrolling and TV watching, alcohol, energy suckers ( people and jobs), chemical toxins and toxic thoughts.

Yes, another toxin related blog. See a common theme here?

When we expose ourselves to toxins through our diet, lifestyle and thoughts what do you think our body is going to constantly be focusing on? It's going to stress trying to breaking those toxins down before they damage your cells of course. Hence where all your energy goes ( This is quite the process).

Our body naturally detoxes everyday but when we live a toxic life everyday making it work harder and harder it just can't keep up.

Once your body gets to a point of not being able to catch up is when the damage to the cells, the power house of our cells ( the mitochondria), our gut health and everything else becomes damaged and inflamed. Inflammation leads to mucous. Mucous leads to everything moving slower. Get the picture?

So to take back control of your energy is to take back control of your life and what you are exposing yourself to. Remove the energy suckers from your life so you can gain more from the things that bring you more joy!

Where could your energy be draining check list?

  • Relationship that isn't serving you

  • A person ( family, friend, neighbour)

  • Work environment

  • Negative mindset

  • Parasites

  • Moldy home

  • Stealth infections ( Candida, EBV etc...)

  • Trying to do too much

  • Lack of physical exercise

  • Too much cortisol ( stress, extreme working out)

  • On your phone or TV more than you are outside looking up at the sky

  • Poor eating habits

  • Trauma / Grief

  • Blocked energy ( can't let go of something / suppression)

  • Medications

  • Living in constant fear

  • Just constantly thinking ( can't calm thoughts)

  • Toxic home and beauty products

If you checked out more than 5 on that list you need to do some SERIOUS reevaluation on your life and choices and start "letting shit go". Give up the expectations, stop caring what any one else things, nourish your body with nutrition, get rid of people that aren't there to lift you up. Family or not, toxic is toxic!

Its messy and you can "lose" a lot when you start to control your energy and gain back your momentum to support your body, mind and soul. But when you look at it, that crap was just crap. It wasn't serving a purpose - hence the exhaustion. It was trying to tell you something!

Here is the #1 take away. YOU CANNOT ADD MORE TO YOUR LIFE UNTIL YOU TAKE YOUR ENERGY BACK! Some people will think or well if I just workout more and eat better I will fell better. Ya maybe for a while but if you don't deal with what's in your head, heart or liver, you'll never truly hold onto that energy and it will never be pure, just temporary. No walks in nature, workout, fresh air or mediation is going to clear out the mold and the parasites ( worms and people) from your life.

So what now?

Well now you finally have woken up to reality and realized the root cause is time to face it. This can look like parasite cleansing ( Dr. Jess MD), seeking therapy, asking for help, increasing your detox potential ( stay tuned for tomorrow blog), putting the fucking phone down, disconnecting from social media, stop watching the news, cleansing your home, changing your home filters ( furnace and water), looking into more self-sustaining ways of living, growing your own food eliminating exposure to pesticides and chemicals! Whatever you do just make sure your remove and repair first so then you can replenish and rejoice! Aka... book and appoint with me as your Holistic Nutritionist or Reiki Practitioner to guide you *wink wink .

Then once the dirty work is done comes the fun. No you will be able to TRULY enjoy life with endless energy, focus and pleasure.

The best ways to fill your cells with energy is !

  • Sunlight

  • Nature / Fresh air

  • Practise mindfulness : meaning close the tabs on the browser and focus

  • Move your body

  • Eat whole, organic food

  • Have more orgasms

  • Connect with people : Truly connect with conversation that serves purpose

  • Seek pleasure in everything that you do

  • Get quality sleep

It really can be that simple. The hard part is stopping to realize how toxic your living and to let those old habits die to make room for actual living.

sending you love and light,

Deedra Helenna


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