Why humans are terrible at monogamy.

The answer just might surprise you.

by: Deedra Helenna at Divine Healing

Holistic Nutritionist & Reiki Practitioner


Monogamy is a rule, not one popularly followed in nature. Animals live purely by intuition to survive and ensure their offspring will too by procreation of the fittest specimen. Humans thanks to our outer brain that has developed over the last 12000 years can now make choices that go against our biology and natural urges.

I’m not going to talk about poly relations. I’m talking about our innate hormonal biology and why it may subconsciously alter or affect our decisions when it comes to sex, relationships and following the rules of monogamy. If a monogamous relationship is something you desire and wish for the explanation below might give you a better understanding and awareness of "urges" of you or your partner may have to stray out of monogamy, or why you or someone you know have in the past. It will encourage you to understand what it all can means so you can better acknowledge vs. resist your innate nature and connect to your beliefs.

In the animal kingdom it is rare to find monogamous mammals. The act of procreation is to assert powerful genetics into the herd. The toughest of the male wins the ladies and is given the chance to spread his seed, genetics and power. Human men are no different. With a 24 hour hormonal cycle men are always ready to be spreading their seed... EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Women or females, human females that is has on average a 28 day hormonal cycle in and can only be pregnant once out of a 9+ month period. Our selection in who gives us their seed is a lot pickier and in that time of ovulation can mislead us to who makes a good dad and who makes strong genetics. Not sure what I mean, well I will explain.

We want the best genetics to bread healthy, strong and viable offspring. So at the time of a women's ovulation (days 14-16 approx. of their cycle when estrogen and progesterone peak women may be more attracted to those testosterone ladened men as high testosterone often means good hungers, gathers and fertile sperm . But often has studies have shown these type of men do not always make for the best long-term monogamous partners and tend to stray as one would in the wild to keep spreading their seed ( I just like saying that its funny, but true!)

See the problem here? Now I don't really care what you do as long as it is on mutual grounds and with respect to all parties involved. I am just here to tell you the science of why this is actually harder on a internal subconscious level than we are meant to believe.

Now monogamy was a concept only formed mainly for alliance of families, money, property etc.. its recently become a new concept of monogamy for commitment, love and devotion to once single person. But noted in the dictionary it is a "practise". The more we become aware of our innate natural wild beings the more we can begin to better understand and make the CONSCIOUS decisions to practise something that unconsciously may not be programmed in us.

Next blog post coming on what we do and the environment and poor health doesn’t to fuck with our hormones and can ultimately lead us to choosing the wrong mate and wrong genetics for mating!

Just some food for thought!

love & light

- Dee

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